She has been entangled with cancer for 30 years, and she has always insisted on natural healing

In this post-epidemic era, physical and mental health has become the most important part of people’s value system, but the information explosion society has also made the real “healthy common sense” confusing. Which ones are really effective health advice, and which ones are eye-catching gimmicks?

Following ELLE’s new health column “Health News”, let’s visit those “practitioners” in the field of big health, re-examine the definition of health from their stories, and gain “new knowledge” about health.

It takes four hours to drive from Shanghai to Tianmushan Nature Reserve. Ji Lao’s hut was built halfway up the mountain. Looking up from the courtyard, he could see the highest peak of Dongtianmu Mountain.

Ji Lao’s full name is Ji Fudai. She is the ninth generation descendant of Ji Xiaolan, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty. Her mother’s family has been in medicine for generations. After marrying far away in Zhejiang, he often traveled to villages and households to treat people’s diseases and deliver medicines for free. Thirty-three years ago, Ji Lao was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. To everyone’s surprise, she chose to refuse surgery and started a journey of self-rescue with Chinese herbal medicine.

The following is Ji Lao’s autobiography.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 1989. Before cancer, many aspects of my life were not right. Because at that time, the living conditions were relatively poor, and the family lived in a small house. At that time, the main purpose was to burn honeycomb. The air smelled of honeycomb 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In fact, the pollution was very heavy. At that time, I also liked to eat pickled food, fried and fried, and I especially liked to eat it. In addition, I carried the tumor gene, coupled with a bad diet and bad environment, it broke out all of a sudden.

When I was diagnosed at the time, it was already in the late stage. Once the attack occurred, it was easy to transfer. After the transfer, only palliative surgery could be performed. At this time, I realized that if the surgery was performed, it would only be a waste of money and manpower, so I chose natural recuperation. When I gave up the operation, the doctor also scolded me, “Why are you so ignorant, other patients can’t even get a bed, and they have to wait for the operation in the corridor. We will take care of you and arrange for you first, but you still don’t want to!”

Later, I relied on my own decoction of traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. When I was seriously ill, I didn’t think about tea and rice, and I couldn’t eat anything. The bones in my body were arched out one by one, and the forehead and ribs would protrude from under the skin. The pain was so painful that I couldn’t sleep. are not good.

At that time, the will to survive was very weak. Later, it was only through the encouragement of relatives and friends around me, as well as the donations and help from the students and teachers of my husband’s school at that time, that I managed to survive step by step.

Later, I came into contact with the Japanese medical doctor Koda Mitsuo’s “Lettuce Eat Less” therapy, and I borrowed his method.

The “Koda-style Cancer Prevention and Control Law” written by Koda Mitsuo advocates eating less raw food. The book gives detailed instructions on what to eat, how to eat it, and how to match the food. The book lists the experiences of 12 patients who were cured of various diseases that the hospital regarded as “incurable and can only be controlled by drugs” due to the practice of eating less. Dr. Koda Mitsuo is deeply aware of the limitations of modern medicine. He has been studying this natural healing method that does not rely on drugs and surgery for 50 years – fasting therapy, which has successfully cured countless people’s intractable diseases.


After I got sick, I started to do subtraction for myself. I concluded why I got sick? Bad mentality, change, bad eating habits, change, bad living habits, change, bad environment, change. Reconcile from the root. Chronic diseases are just one word, “change”. No matter what chronic disease, don’t expect drug treatment, there is only one way, that is to change your lifestyle. First of all, it is necessary to analyze what is the cause, and then to change it, which is fundamental health management. Even if the tumor is removed, the tumor gene in the human body is still there. If the living habits do not change, even if it is completely cured, it still has the possibility of recurrence. It is the combination of various conditions that stimulates the tumor to cause the tumor to erupt. If it is not given this condition, it will not occur.

In Ji Lao’s philosophy, the diet must be broad-spectrum. The more varieties of food you eat, the more comprehensive the nutrition you will take in, and the greater the health benefits.

Chronic diseases are often caused by poor living and eating habits, mainly caused by eating habits. For example, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are caused by eating too greasy and high blood lipids and cholesterol. Many patients with high blood pressure also eat too salty. Usually if you pay attention to this aspect, it is not easy to get chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are accumulated over time. After you get sick, you must stop and stop. If you can’t control yourself, you can’t get better. The current diet problem, especially the food safety problem, is indeed a big problem. The abuse of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, coupled with the fact that many people like to eat barbecued, fried and fried foods, which contain a lot of trans fatty acids, as well as deep-processed foods such as beverages and cakes, are not good for the human body. the underlying cause of the disease.

Deeply processed foods contain a lot of refined sugars, trans fatty acids, and saturated fatty acids. If these substances cannot be completely metabolized, they will damage our health over time.

After the accumulated bad substances have entered the body, no medicine can achieve complete cleaning. For example, arteriosclerosis and vascular plaque cannot be removed. Like the rust of a water pipe, it is impossible to completely remove it. To make it do not increase, do not increase any carcinogens. On this basis, it is possible to improve immunity again and gradually reduce it.

I have lived with cancer for more than 30 years, and now I am not afraid at all, because I am very clear and have mastered its laws. Once it relapses, pay attention to it. You can go fast for a few days. It is a good way to clean the intestines. However, it also depends on the physical condition. Eat very bland, boiled vegetables and try not to eat animal protein. In fact, tumor growth mainly requires glucose and animal protein, because these two components can activate tumor cells. So eat less lean meat and fewer carbs at times like this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat animal protein, we have vegetable protein, soy beans and peanuts can be substituted. However, if you don’t eat glucose, your body will have no energy, and animal fat has a high production capacity, so you can replace it at this time. Cut a little fat and steam it in a rice cooker to replenish your body’s energy.

The essence of traditional Chinese medicine is “preventing disease”, and the highest state is to start with dietary conditioning. If the diet has no effect and the conditioning effect cannot be achieved, then use the medicine. Dietary conditioning is a slow process and you won’t see results all at once. To fundamentally eradicate the pathogenesis of illness, we must first start with a change in eating habits, but most people cannot do it.

When I moved to Tianmu Mountain, the main thing was to integrate into nature. Now the city is full of reinforced concrete buildings, and people wear rubber-soled shoes. One cannot achieve harmony between man and nature without touching the soil. Humans are the connection between the universe and the earth. If you are not grounded, the magnetic field of the earth will not be able to eliminate your exhaust gas. Humans are natural creatures. The more natural the food we eat, the better. One more deep processing will add more substances that the body does not need.

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Most of the vegetables on Ji Lao’s dining table come from her vegetable garden. She is especially good at researching medicinal and edible plants, such as the vegetable hibiscus, known as the “plant giant panda”, and the fragrant and dehumidifying Huxiang, known as the “plant giant panda”. “Palace Vegetables”, the protein-rich Xue Yingzi, can save the heart of the three-high.

Yellow hollyhock, also known as golden flower sunflower, also known as vegetable hibiscus, is known as the plant giant panda, which can beautify the face and protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

There are also some hybrid species that cannot be seen elsewhere. “Ginseng carrot” is the product of hybridization of ginseng and carrot. This is Ji Lao’s treasure. The roots of this plant are like ginseng, and the leaves are like carrots. Whenever they bloom, the flowers of carrots will turn a little red, just like ginseng blooms.

The swelling and weight loss radish cultivated by Ji Lao has a flat shape like a sweet potato.

It is a small compound in many plants, and it has a two-way regulating effect. It has a variety of nutrients, including various vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. If you simply extract a certain thing, you are actually killing the chicken to get the egg. After processing and extraction, it is unnatural. Healthy things, the more natural the better. The so-called natural healing is to live in a natural environment, eat natural food, and follow the laws of nature.

Many living habits of modern people are not very good. Often young people do not sleep at night, refuse to get up in the morning, have a bad breakfast, and eat supper at night. The biggest problem is food safety. There are very few truly organic and safe foods, and the human body can only adapt to it slowly.

Live in moderation, eat healthily, live cheerfully, and have a good attitude. People’s diseases are mainly managed by diet. If the internal organs can be reconciled, people will be healthy.

Three healthy living tips from Ji Lao


Obey the laws of nature and have normal living habits. Sunrise and work day in and out.


Diet, the fresher and more original the better, eat as little processed food as possible, and have a wide range of recipes. A person needs a variety of foods throughout the day in order to stay healthy. Don’t eat a lot of a certain thing if you like it, and don’t eat it if you don’t like it. This way, the nutrition is not comprehensive and it is difficult to be healthy.


Contact nature more, modern people spend too much time at home, try to do as many activities as possible, do not necessarily go to learn anything, do more housework, walk in the park, plant some plants if conditions permit, and contact the soil is the best.

As early as a thousand years ago, in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon, Huang Di and Qi Bo had a discussion on the way of life of the people at that time. The Yellow Emperor asked: “I have heard that people in ancient times lived a hundred years in the Spring and Autumn period, and their movements did not decline. Today’s people, Those who are half a hundred years old and their movements are all weak, what is the age? People will lose it?” Qi Bo replied: “… people today… use wine as pulp, and delusion as constant… Its heart is contrary to life and happiness, and its life is disordered, so it is half a hundred and decayed.” The familiar scene is repeating in modern society.

During the 30 years of entanglement with cancer, Ji Lao realized the truth of “natural healing”. The more he has experienced the pain, the more he can understand the value of health. For all those who pursue health, only from the lifestyle Only when you start to change is to truly embark on the road of “natural healing”.

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