She became famous for using “find a man to marry” as a curse word. Charmaine Sheh and Ma Guoming’s new drama’s lines are “killing crazy”

She became famous for using “find a man to marry” as a curse word. Charmaine Sheh and Ma Guoming’s new drama’s lines are “killing crazy”

“You can’t even imagine a dog biting a man. The world of man biting a dog is not suitable for you. Find a man and marry him.”

Recently, Ma Guoming’s line in “News Queen” became popular.

Many netizens said that in domestic entertainment TV series, “finding a man to marry” is the life goal given by many screenwriters to female characters. Even if they suffer a lot in marriage and finally turn around, they will still devote themselves to another without hesitation. Man’s arms.

However, the same lines, in TVB workplace dramas, have become heart-wrenching remarks that ridicule women for their lack of work ability and their unfitness to work hard in the workplace.

No one who saw it could say: Far ahead.

In fact, there are many golden sentences in this drama, which are worthy of “smoking will engrave the lungs” of female viewers or professionals.

Pick a few paragraphs for everyone to experience.

“You can’t even imagine a dog biting a man. The world of man biting a dog is not suitable for you. Find a man and marry him.”

The background of the story is that Liang Jingyan, played by Ma Guoming, and Wen Huixin, played by Charmaine Sheh, are engaged in an office struggle.

Tang Zhiyao is one of the pawns in the struggle between the two.

After Charmaine Sheh won Tang Zhiyao into her hands, Tang Zhiyao did not hesitate to smash the glass with a stone in order to get the video recorded by the driving recorder while running the news.

Although she got the first-hand video, she was fired by Wen Huixin for obtaining clues in violation of regulations.

Tang Zhiyao had no choice but to turn to her former boss Liang Jingren for help, and even prepared to sacrifice Hue.

The part about Liang Jingren rejecting her is actually quite informative.

First, he pointed out that the perfume used by Tang Zhiyao was the same as that of Wen Huixin, which was a taboo in the workplace.

She didn’t notice it herself, and no one reminded her, which shows that she lacks sensitivity and popularity.

Of course, the more critical point is that Tang Zhiyao’s ability is not enough to make Liang Jingren break up with Wen Huixin to protect her.

Liang Jingren’s original words were: If you were as capable as Jia Yan, I would consider showing off my face to protect you, but unfortunately you are not.

In other words, she is not qualified to be a pawn in a workplace struggle.

Then there is the widely circulated line: “You can’t even imagine a dog biting a man. The world of man biting a dog is not suitable for you. Find a man and marry him.”

Although Tang Zhiyao was offline after only two episodes, it can be seen that she loves journalism very much. In order to complete the work assigned by her boss, she smashed car windows and knelt down for others, resulting in a “throw it away” , in the final analysis, it is because the work ability is not good enough and there is no core competitiveness. For such employees, one more is not too much, and one less is not enough.

In contrast, Wen Huixin can still make a comeback even if the top management is afraid of her and kicks her out.

What she relies on is that she can make news that others cannot, and she can also solve problems for the company and her boss.

It is irreplaceable.

We often say, “In competitive sports, food is the original sin.” How can it be the same in the workplace?

“Dad can’t choose. You chose your husband yourself. To choose such a loser is like a failure as a woman.”

During the battle for the president of the Benevolence Foundation, Wen Huixin also had a lot of golden words.

The background of the story is that Mr. Xiao Liu and Ye Chen, played by Chen Minzhi, are both running for president of the Renxin Foundation. Liang Jingren supports Xiao Liusheng, while Wen Huixin supports Ye Chen.

In order to get the position of president, Xiao Liusheng broke the news to the media about Ye Chen’s dating scandal with a young doctor.

In fact, the truth is that Ye Chen has been subjected to domestic violence by her husband for many years. Because she is worried about the impact on her image, she would rather avoid it passively than face the reality.

In order to let Ye Chen continue to participate in the election, Wen Huixin found Ye Chen.

When he came up, he began to ridicule: “Dad can’t choose. You chose your husband yourself, and you chose such a loser. It’s a failure as a woman to do this.”

Pointing it out to the point again, Ye Chen does charity and is a strong woman just because she wants to be seen by the world? Now that you have been seen, why are you holding back?

Then Wen Huixin came up with a golden sentence: “If you would rather wipe your tears with the hand wearing a three-carat ring than use your scars to prove that you resisted and fought for it, then you are cowardly.”

Ye Chen decided to fight again and participate in a TV show with Xiao Liusheng.

Liang Jingren set up obstacles along the way and did not give Ye Chen a chance to speak. Instead, Xiao Liusheng kept talking.

Wen Huixin appears, and the wind reverses.

She first raised the question – since Xiao Liusheng is so concerned about women’s rights and talks so much about domestic violence against women, why does Ye Chen, a victim of domestic violence, keep silent?

Then he gave his own point of view: these short ten minutes are precisely the long-term and subtle manifestation of Hong Kong’s patriarchal system.

Xiao Liusheng hurriedly retorted, saying that he really took the issue of women being bullied seriously.

Wen Huixin smiled slightly and said that she did not doubt Xiao Liusheng’s kindness, but “the image of male authority is itself a form of oppression for a woman who has experienced domestic violence.”

As soon as these words came out, Xiao Liusheng was speechless.

Wen Huixin supported Ye Chen to have his own selfish motives, but both her words that provoked Ye Chen and her views on fatherhood were of practical significance.

“When you make mistakes in the workplace, you are either too useless and do not do your job well, or you are too smart and do too much.”

Xu Xiaowei was under Wen Huixin’s hands, but her heart was with Liang Jingren.

Wen Huixin sensed that she might have different intentions, invited her to dinner, and called her sister to beat her.

This younger sister is really shrewd and immediately analyzed the possible situation: “If you make a mistake in the workplace, you are either too useless and do not do the job well, or you are too smart and go too far.”

If it’s not done well enough, then there’s no point in calling her here, she must be too smart.

After receiving Wen Huixin’s affirmation, she continued: There are two types of being too smart. One is smart but disobedient and contradicts the boss; the other is smart to the point of having great achievements and is also taboo.

She was talking about Xu Xiaowei, but her words reminded Wen Huixin.

Why did both her boss Fei Ye and the boss behind her, Mrs. Fang, avoid seeing her when she was kicked out of the company? It’s just because her personal abilities are too outstanding and her attitude is arrogant, which inevitably makes people feel like she is “superior”.

Although the fights in our daily workplace are not as fierce as in the drama, the principle is the same – you can neither be smart enough to do your job well, nor be too smart and do too much.

This should be regarded as the basic rule of survival in the workplace.

As a workplace drama, all the members of “News Queen” are obsessed with their careers, with an average of 800 ideas per person. The protagonist has his own brilliance, and the supporting characters will not be dulled by highlighting the protagonist.

Not a single useless character, not a single nonsense line.

After all these years, TVB is still far ahead in terms of domestic drama production and the workplace. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad?