Sharing the rising “spillover effect”, Fosun Pharma brings a variety of innovative products to the 5th China International Import Expo

“Participating in the CIIE for five consecutive years, Fosun Pharma has witnessed that the CIIE has become an important platform for world-renowned companies to share China’s development opportunities. We have also further deepened cooperation with world-renowned pharmaceutical and health companies and accelerated internationalization. development,” said Wen Deyong, CEO of Fosun Pharma.

It is reported that at the 5th CIIE, Fosun Pharma will continue to comprehensively display the achievements of global innovation at the Fosun Health booth, bring more achievements of the first show and the exhibits turned into commodities, and share the ever-warming CIIE “overflow”. effect”.

As an internet celebrity product at previous CIIEs, the spillover effect of the Da Vinci surgical robot’s continuous participation in the CIIE has become increasingly apparent. The stage of the CIIE has greatly promoted the business expansion and technology introduction of Intuitive Fosun’s surgical robot series products and technologies in the Chinese market.

In August 2022, Intuitive Fosun’s medical robot manufacturing and R&D center with a total investment of more than 700 million yuan started construction in Pudong, Shanghai, to further accelerate the localization process and better meet the needs and challenges of the Chinese robot market with local “intelligent manufacturing” , to promote the accessibility and upgrade of precision medicine.

In the field of innovative drugs, Yescarta, a CAR-T cell therapy product that was exhibited at the first CIIE, was officially approved by the State Drug Administration in June 2021, becoming the first CAR-T cell therapy product approved for marketing in China .

Since the launch of the product, Fosun Kite has been actively exploring innovative payment methods to benefit more patients. As of the end of September 2022, Yikaida (Ajirensai injection) has been listed in 54 provinces and cities in the city of Huimin Baohe There are more than 60 commercial insurances, and 120 treatment centers have been registered.

It is reported that the MRIdian Linac magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy system, which has participated in the Expo for three consecutive years, will be officially unveiled as a “commodity” this time. The product has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in August 2022. Provide new options for radiation therapy for more Chinese cancer patients.

Up to now, this product has deployed 55 systems worldwide, treating more than 25,000 patients, and will bring new treatment options to Chinese cancer patients in the future.

At this year’s CIIE, Fosun Health’s booth will also display a number of world-leading innovative drugs and medical devices for the first time, including: the world’s first oral targeted drug for psoriasis Otalil (apemilast tablets), the new No. The third-generation COMT inhibitor Ongentys (opicapone) and the medical beauty-grade home beauty instrument LMNT one derived from Israeli energy source technology, etc.

“Thanks to the strong spillover effect of the CIIE platform, Fosun Pharma has continued to promote the implementation of innovative achievements in China, and a number of innovative products exhibited in the past four years, such as CAR-T cell therapy products and Da Vinci surgical robots, have accelerated. Landing in China has truly realized the transformation from exhibits to commodities, greatly improving the accessibility of these cutting-edge medical technologies in China, thereby contributing to the construction of a healthy China.” Wen Deyong said.