Sharing the notes of the past six months is a summary and a self-reminder

good night.

Let’s talk about something different this weekend~

Organizing the photo album the other day, looking at previous photos is like looking at someone else’s life. I often feel that the past three years have passed so slowly, as if the wheel of life suddenly got stuck somewhere when it was rumbling forward. Although it is still spinning, it has always been in the same place, and sometimes I feel that time has passed so fast. , I didn’t see any new scenery and I didn’t have time to do anything. It passed by. Too many repetitive routines were folded together day after day and turned into a huge blank. How about you, before and after 2020, do you feel that time is slowing down or going fast?

The last time I wrote about the spoils of autumn and winter, I mentioned that I suddenly understood why so many people wanted to spoil it this year. People like me, who are called “perpetual motion machines” by people around me, have been feeling very tired, unmotivated and unhappy for a long time. Probably because many things in the past few years have made people feel depressed, and many things that they believed in suddenly lost their certainty. But how should I put it, the more I feel like this, the more I feel that I need to establish some sense of order in my life so that I won’t fall into infinite anxiety and chaos.

I have the habit of taking notes. I used to use a small notebook to write down, but now I use the memo on my mobile phone. I usually write down what I think or see that is helpful to me in the memo. Today, I would like to share with you my notes from the first half of the year (another year is almost over), which is a summary and a self-reminder:

1. Remember to save money.

Can’t say enough times. Save money at all times, have a sum of money in your hand, no matter how much, whether you want to change jobs, take a break, or want to do something, it is your confidence. Recently, I have read the lessons of many people around me that “the money is gone”, and I especially want to add one point: don’t invest indiscriminately! And don’t lend money lightly! This year is difficult for everyone, but because of this, we must increase our ability to resist risks.

2. Exercise and recharge.

Zhang Zhenyue said, “You have to work hard when you go uphill, and you have to be happy when you go downhill.” In the past, Wu Zongxian also said: Enjoy achievement at high tide, and enjoy life at low tide (to the effect). Actually it means the same thing. Life has its ups and downs, and the economy and the environment are also cyclical. I discussed with my friends that day, what is the safest investment to invest now. I joke: invest in your body. There are many things in this world that don’t necessarily pay off, but adjusting your body and mind and treating yourself well will definitely pay off.

3. Don’t stay home, go out.

In recent years, everyone suddenly realized that the days of being able to go out freely are so precious. So, if you can go out, go out as often as possible and enjoy the sunshine and breeze from nature. The right amount of excitement is necessary to allow the energy to flow.

4. Think less, feel more.

5. Reading for a few minutes a day can relieve a lot of stress.

6. Do some subtraction to your life. Whether it’s objects or relationships, spend your important time and energy with important things and people.

7. Don’t overeat or consume in order to feed bad moods. Carefully select the items to keep around, one is really needed, and the other is that it can really bring pleasure. Energy saving and emission reduction, live without fatigue. But the right amount of material desire will also make life a little more happy.

8. Moderate socialization is also necessary. Having a friend/lover who can listen to your nonsense and accompany you to be silly at any time will make difficult times less difficult.

9. My current “friendship principle”: do not strive, do not cultivate (feelings), do not expect, only choose. It’s a bit negative, but since I switched this mindset, relationships have really gotten a lot easier.

10. Stop being cynical, either to yourself or to others. “To do specific things, to love specific people”, to live steamingly!

11. Try not to compete with yourself. Don’t cause trouble and pain to others, and try to be a peaceful and comfortable person.

12. Don’t care too much about other people’s evaluations, let alone live in other people’s expectations. To do anything, you must first satisfy yourself. If someone happens to like it, that’s great. If others don’t like it, that’s okay.

13. When you are entangled in whether to do a certain thing or a certain choice, just ask yourself: Do you have the ability and courage to support your choice?

14. We will experience many things in our long or short life, some of them seem to be very important, and some of them have little effect on the surface, but maybe only when these points are connected at a certain moment, the so-called “decisive moment” will appear. Make a way to change direction. Therefore, we must cherish every karma, do everything we do well, and be kind to everyone we meet.

15. Insist on doing at least one thing that you like but don’t use. It may not bring any actual return, but it can bring some spiritual satisfaction.

16. The more uncertain you are in the environment, the more you need to establish a sense of order in your life and heart. The former is to eat, sleep and do every simple and specific little thing well. The latter is knowing what is most important to you to keep.

17. Teacher Chen Danqing once said: “Do everything seriously, don’t be annoying, don’t give up, don’t be perfunctory. We all have to save ourselves step by step. I rely on painting stroke by stroke, Jia Zhangke relies on Inch by inch of film.” Deeply agreed. We can’t control many things, but at least we can control the small things we are doing. Whether writing an article or taking a photo of a home, doing it with all our strength and dedication can effectively relieve anxiety.

18. The things that are important to me include: freedom, balance, courage and love. Keep your inner softness and your appreciation for the beauty of life.

Go back to your heart and live in the moment. Trying to live every day as well as possible may be the only certainty that ordinary people can grasp by themselves in the uncertain era.

Finally, I would like to share with you what Mr. Luo Xiang said when he talked about the unfathomable fate:

May you all find inner balance and peace.

good night, see you tomorrow 🙂

Editor: Wang Yi