Share three mobile game agency methods

With the vigorous development of the mobile game industry, the number of game players across the country continues to increase every year. Various game agency platforms have appeared. The webmasters of the game agency platforms who have just started may have heard that game agents are generally divided into intermodal, single-generation, and mixed servers. What are the differences between them, the editor will talk about them today.

Combined transportation means that game developers authorize their products to other game operation platforms for cooperation in the form of cooperation and share, and the platform realizes game grafting through its own SDK.

Manufacturers provide game clients, game packages, game maintenance and updates, etc. The SDK provided by game platforms includes registration and login systems, recharge systems, customer service systems and other platforms for cooperation and sharing. A product manufacturer can cooperate with multiple platforms. There are no fees for this partnership.

Sole agent means that a game company entrusts a certain game of its own to a platform for operation; the connection method is the same as that of intermodal transportation. This general game company will choose a relatively powerful company to discuss cooperation.

The profit of exclusive agency is definitely greater than that of intermodal transportation, but the game risks borne are also accompanied by it. The exclusive agent has a cooperative relationship, there is a form of platform payment, and there is a form of platform payment and bonus.

Mixed server refers to the joint operation and operation of a game by several game platforms. Each platform has its own game package, and players register and recharge into their own platforms. It’s just that players play games on one server, and now basically game operation platforms have mixed server games;

And this model is also very suitable for the operating platform just getting started. Now many small game companies will also directly put mixed servers out to cooperate, and jointly operate with some platforms to ensure the popularity of the game.