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You wash your face three times a day, why is it still not clean? In fact, what we wash off every day is mainly the oil secreted by the skin, as well as some dust and dead keratinocytes that stick to your face. To clean up these things, just use a bar of regular soap. But the problem is that many people have too much oil secretion, plus dust and dirt clog the pores, these oils cannot be smoothly excreted from the body, and will accumulate more and more, and finally oxidize into black after contact with the air, forming blackheads.

The blackhead problem of young people is the most serious, because they have a fast metabolism, a lot of oil secretion, coupled with staying up late, high-fat and high-sugar diet and so on. It is easy to cause blackheads. China Youth Daily once released a 2020 health survey report on Chinese college students, 88% of college students have skin problems, of which blackheads account for the largest proportion, reaching 63.21%. More importantly, blackheads are basically buried deep in the pores, and ordinary soap and facial cleanser cannot be cleaned at all. If you wash your face three times a day, you will over-cleanse and stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, which will make the blackhead problem worse.

So how can you get rid of blackheads more safely?

In fact, there is a scientific and effective way, that is to use this Kiehl’s white mud,

It definitely counts as it is. This undeniable benchmark product in the Nima world has become a generation of classics. How many latecomers want to imitate, but have not achieved its essence. Its main ingredient is Amazonian white mud, which comes from the confluence of the Amazon river and the ocean in northern Brazil,

After years of rain erosion, it forms a more regular porous layered structure than ordinary kaolin, and has a very strong ability to absorb oil and remove blackheads. And the vegetation in this place is very lush, and the fallen leaves and fruits are mixed into the soil,

After thousands of years of precipitation, it is rich in various minerals and trace elements, which can regulate oil secretion and help the skin restore the balance of water and oil. So, the local Indians. This white mud is called “magic mud”, and it is often used to wash the face.

In addition to Amazon’s white mud, Kiehl’s also added Curacao aloe vera to the product,

It can soothe and repair the skin, keep the face moist and not tight, and it is very comfortable to use. And other blackhead removal products are often too strong, and even tingling when applied to the face. I am afraid that only Kiehl’s can notice such small details.

In addition, if you want to remove blackheads more thoroughly, you have to follow certain steps; first wash your face with water, then apply a hot towel to open the pores, soften the cutin, and then evenly apply a thick layer of Kiehl’s white mud, Oily skin can use it all over the face. If you have combination or dry skin, you only need to use it on the oily areas of your face for eight to ten minutes. After the white mud gradually dries, you can wash it off with warm water.

So if you have been troubled by the blackhead problem for many years, and you have bought other products and the effect is not so good, then you might as well try Kiehl’s white clay. It has been popular all over the world for 12 consecutive years. Time is the best referee. He will eliminate many inferior products of IQ tax, and what remains in the end are the real high-quality goods.

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