Share: Is Chinese Journal of Liver Disease a core journal?

Recently, many medical workers have asked us, is “Chinese Journal of Liver Diseases” a core journal? Because many units for evaluating professional titles or applying for funds need to have core journals for publication, everyone still has to choose journals according to the requirements of their units. Today, Lead Tim, who has been specialized in thesis counseling and journal publishing for 20 years, would like to introduce this journal to you.

  The “Chinese Journal of Liver Diseases” was founded in 1983 and is now published as a monthly publication. This journal is officially approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, an academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association, and has successively entered the CD-ROM of the Chinese Journal of Science and Technology It has entered the Chinese Biomedical Literature CD-ROM Retrieval System and the World Gastroenterology Network, and has been included in many data sources at home and abroad, such as Chemical Abstracts (CA), the most authoritative scientific and technological information retrieval system in the world.

  ”Chinese Journal of Liver Diseases” adheres to the correct purpose of running a journal, pays attention to the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, improvement and popularization, basic and clinical, prevention and treatment, takes into account the information exchange at the grassroots level and remote minority areas, and publishes basic research and clinical research on liver diseases. The latest level of practice, introduce the latest research results in my country, report relevant academic trends in the world, and promote academic exchanges between my country and the world, covering liver physiology, epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, immunology, pathogenesis of various liver diseases Important progress in new technologies and new methods of mechanism, clinical diagnosis, treatment and prevention, provide services for medical and health institutions at or above the county level, as well as medical workers, prevention personnel and basic science and technology personnel engaged in liver disease prevention research and clinical practice, and receive national liver disease recognition. Recognized by prevention and control workers, the circulation is all over the country.

  ”Chinese Journal of Liver Diseases” is not only the core journal of statistical sources, but also the core journal of CSCD and the core journal of Peking University in Chinese. The level of the journal is very high, and it has a great influence in domestic medical journals. The catalogue of core journals will be updated every few years, which is also where you need to pay attention.