Share a wave of low-end, playable mobile games that don’t take up memory

Text: kiko

Looking through the past records, I found that it seems that I haven’t recommended some fun mobile games to you for a long time.

Kiko, who was sitting up in a dying dream, decided to share a wave of good mobile games with you today.

Key words: low configuration, playable, not occupying memory.

How, are you already itching to look down to see what good things are there?

(Don’t call me in the comments even if not, thanks!)

——I am the dividing line of low-end playable mobile games——

“Ghosts and Apples”

Type: horizontal version

A puzzle game with outstanding style and gameplay, including multiple gameplays of action, strategy, reasoning and memory, and even local multiplayer online, and designed as many as 150 levels to challenge players. It has a certain degree of difficulty and is very playable.

In the game, you play as a man trapped in the puppet Jack. If you want to restore your soul, you have to find a way out in a strange castle guarded by mysterious creatures such as vampires, octopuses, crows, etc., accumulate gold Apples and gems, open every door of the mystery house.

“Under the Age

Hidden Through times”

Type: Puzzle

I have to say that this game looks too much like “Hidden Man” at first glance, that is, from black and white to a color version, but although its gameplay is also a test of eyesight, what you have to do is to pass the guidance of various times. , looking for lost items, and finally pieced together into a picture scroll.

Relatively speaking, the map of this game is not as big as “The Hidden Man”, and it is more suitable for novices to challenge. If you like this type of game, you can play it at your leisure.

“Beat Hazard”

Type: Audio game shooting

A music barrage shooting game, with a strong sense of blow + dense barrage + just the right amount of light pollution, and then follow the rhythm of changing bullets to attack or something, it is still very decompressing to play.

The most worth mentioning is that the music in the game can be selected by yourself. You can use the function of scanning local files to match your favorite music for a gorgeous shooting. Isn’t it cool?

“Tomato Clinic”

Genre: Text Adventure

A popular science game about vampires with a very cute style. Players can talk to the cute vampires in the game and advance the levels and stories through various fun quizzes. PS. The music in the game is also very nice, it is a very good game for relaxing and decompressing.

The only disadvantage is that there is no Chinese version for the time being, but a level four is enough for you to have a good time in this story.

My Friend Pedro: A Hour of Vengeance

(My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge)

Type: Horizontal shooting

The ported version of the Steam game of the same name, this horizontal 2D shooting game has been sought after by many players almost overnight, and its sales in the first week of its release reached 250,000 copies (total sales on PC and NS). Explain to you what is called refreshing violence aesthetics.

To tell the truth, those who have played it will be convinced by the refreshing feeling of the game. The mobile game version has been changed to a 2D cute style, and the opponent is very friendly! Of course, the most amazing thing is its setting, Magic Banana Online Shark Man, fascinated by the sharp style and gameplay, who knows who plays!

“Ice Zoo”

Type: Strategic Management

A cartoon pixel-style strategy + management + collection + development game. It tells the story of you, who woke up from a long sleep and was enough to retire, and was suddenly appointed to rebuild a zoo, and the animals were all frozen for some reason. The first thing you have to do is to find a way to meet the animals.

Ah… let’s really gather, the Frozen Forest Friends Association? In general, the happiest process of this game is to collect all the animals, which is quite attractive for the collection control, and can continue to play for a long time.

“Samsara Room”

The reincarnation room

Type: Puzzle

As a prequel to the Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series, this game can be said to continue the previous puzzle-solving routines and picture style, and children’s shoes who like the cube series must not be unfamiliar!

If you can persist until the customs clearance, you will find that the quality of this work is also very high, and you can also see the easter eggs of previous works in the game. At the end of the first week, Rose will come out and dream back to “Embroidered Lake: The Roots”, I suggest you all CUBE fans Be sure to experience it!

“Thousand Layers Sword”

Type: side-scrolling fighting

A fighting game with a very unique style. It is based on a beautiful sumi-e ink style, and it is an amazing three-dimensional 3D presentation on the paper. The game tells the story of a young female assassin who joins a rebel force to fight against the empire in order to protect her swordsmanship and honor in a turbulent country.

Although it is a fighting game, it is not complicated to get started. You only need to attack by simply sliding and tapping to parry and dodge. Each gameplay has different unlockable swords and equipment for silky sword fighting. The handicapped can play more refreshingly.

PS. The game also provides casual players with a chance to breathe, mini-games to rest between battles, and dress up for the little sister, which is quite acceptable.

“Idle Arks”

Type: Placement Operation

A game that builds an ark with various materials. As for why you have to keep building and upgrading the ark, because the background of the game takes place in the context of the apocalypse of the flood, so you need to create the ark, drift on the sea, and save other survivors. fighters, rebuild cities, and explore unknown civilizations!

Since the main feature is the placement gameplay, basically the process is to collect a new resource every time a ship is built and arrives at a place, which can pass a long time.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Genre: Action Game

An ink-style ninja action game, players need to control their ninja warriors and other ninjas to compete online, and enjoy the realistic excitement of swords and shadows.

Puzzling Peaks EXE

Genre: Pixel Adventure

A very interesting pixel style adventure game, players need to use their own wisdom to quickly solve the physics puzzles in order to pass the level successfully. At the same time, it also has a unique story content, unique challenges through a stunning combination of pixel art, music and storytelling skills, even if the style is simple, you can never forget it after playing.


Genre: Puzzle Adventure

In this pixel-style adventure escape game, you need to help a little boy find a way to escape his inner fears, and these fears have been transformed into groups of brain-burning levels, waiting for you to challenge again and again.

Although the overall style of painting seems to be three colors of yellow, green and black, the developers are still very attentive in the level design, especially the introduction to parkour in the first level is very interesting, and the whole process of escape is also a kind of inner pressure on oneself release process.

Candies ‘n Curses

Type: Pixel Arcade

A vertical arcade game with a pixel cartoon style, you will play a little loli who has strayed into a haunted house. By flexibly walking and manipulating the flashlight in your hand, you will deal with all kinds of ghosts who want to get close to you. There are various weapons and equipment waiting for you to unlock.

PS. The various combat effects that have been successfully upgraded are also very gorgeous. Although it is the theme of catching ghosts in a haunted house, it will also make you feel happy because of these gorgeous colors and cute props!

“Magic Mansion”

Type: Pixel Arcade

It is also a vertical arcade tower climbing game with a pixel cartoon style, but it is based on a black and white painting style. The effect of the comic style is that the horse monkey soju in the game is more and more cute, and the process of playing is quite retro. interesting.

What the player has to do is to control her and help her to go higher and higher in this magic building, click the screen to control the character to jump, there will be many dangers waiting for you to challenge in the process of climbing the stairs, it’s up to you How many levels can you climb with your magic and technology.

“Cultivation Notes of a Female Cultivator of a Certain Sect”

Type: Place Otome

An Otome-oriented mobile game that focuses on cultivating immortals. The player plays the role of a “scumbag” who is looking forward to cultivating the supreme Dafa. Every day, she relies on all kinds of teasing people to practice. You need to think about who to flirt with in the game and how to flirt with multiple people without overturning. You can choose from eight human races + demons + orcs ten forces, and it can be said to be quite cool to play.

However, if you are stubborn enough, it is not impossible to play a 1v1 Otome game… and if the force value is too bad, you will really roll over and be imprisoned for more than ten years!

“The Adventure of Time”

Type: Placement

A good RPG game that doesn’t require you to open the game, does it sound a little confusing?

In fact, it is an APP that prevents you from overplaying your phone, and uses the “time to put down your phone” to drive the growth of characters and equipment collection in the game. It is a more meaningful mobile game.

“Pandas Never Slaves: Goodbye to the Keepers”

Type: Puzzle

It is a decryption game with a cute style. The game has 30 levels in total, with different types of props and strange decryption methods. All you have to do is to use your wisdom, open your brain, and help the cute ones to escape!

“Animal Doll Shop”

Type: Simulation business

A simulation business game with a very cute style. You, who inherited the legendary doll manufacturing store, must continue to develop new dolls to create more revenue.

“Mochi Cat Collection”

Type: Placement Operation

A healing game that must be played by macho + cat slaves. The round cats are very cute. There are more than 50 characters included. Not only have interactive gameplay of poking, feeding, and touching, but also you can stack the collected cats. , whoever has fun really.

《Little Corner Tea House:

Knitting room

Type: Simulation business

The Chinese name is “Give Heart Tea House”, which is adapted from the Korean healing webtoon “Corner Weaving Room”. It is a healing simulation business game. You will run a cafe leisurely, including experiencing planting, decorating the storefront, cooking Tea or coffee is very pleasant.

“Mindless Life”

Type: AVG

A classic AVG game produced by Butterfly Dream that affects the plot branch through options. The story takes the second person as the perspective and tells the story of “your” daughter who accidentally fell from the building and was judged to be purple sand by the police at the same time. You who cannot accept this fact at all. , trying to find the truth of the incident from the relics left by her daughter.

The name seems to be “unintentional”, but many people who have played it have broken the defense, because every click here may change a person’s life. And these possible changes are how many children who live under the invisible pressure of their parents cry out in their dreams again and again.

“Ghost Office”

Type: Puzzle AVG

A puzzle visual novel, players need to communicate with ghosts in the game, and complete the tasks explained by the ghosts, the highlight lies in its rich illustrations and cutscenes, and although there are scary but unexpected healing stories in the middle.

Although the overall process of the game is not very long, it is still quite shocking to brush it in one breath, and you can also brush the friendship level with the ghosts in the second week, and the strange XP has increased! (no


Type: Match 3

A match-3 puzzle mobile game that adds interactive plots, visual novels and other elements, so unlike many match-3 plot games, players’ choices in the game will directly affect the development of the plot and the relationship with different characters. relation.

The above is today’s game Bai Xiaosheng.

If there is any content you want to watch or games you want to play, please leave a message in the background!

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