Shanwei recruits 100 PhDs to contribute to high-quality development

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter/Chen Xinxin) On May 26, Shanwei held the “2023 Shanwei High-quality Development Doctoral Observation Group” (hereinafter referred to as the “Observation Group”) centralized flag-giving ceremony, officially opened Shanwei to promote doctoral talents to go deep into grassroots front-line research , the prelude to the high-quality development of Shanwei.

Shanwei will do a good job in the “second half of the article” of talent introduction, give full play to the natural advantages of doctoral talents in conducting investigations and research, form an observation team, and select research topics in combination with the needs of local economic and social development and the professional expertise of talents, and promote doctoral talents to go through information and on-site verification It is a concrete practice to guide the vast number of doctoral talents to serve local economic development, and it is also an effective measure for Shanwei to promote the deep integration of industry, university and research, and promote the transformation and implementation of scientific research achievements. It will form a practical application value and decision-making reference value. The “Shanwei Plan” provides strong intellectual support for promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Shanwei.

“This is a win-win move in which the city, talents and the media achieve mutual success.” Wang Genghui, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of Southern Newspaper Media Group, said in his speech that it is Southern Newspaper’s responsibility to tell the story of Shanwei and spread the voice of Shanwei. Responsibilities and missions will fully mobilize and utilize the planning experience and communication advantages of the media, tell the story of the observation group well in all media, all directions, and the whole process, and be the recorder, witness, and promoter of Shanwei’s high-quality development.

“Investigation and research are the foundation and the way to achieve success.” Fang Zhuangdong from Shanwei Academy of Agricultural Sciences spoke as a member of the doctoral observation group of the “Future Village” demonstration project. He said that he will go deep into the countryside and visit the field. Through scientifically formulating research plans, collecting data through field visits, and repeatedly discussing and writing reports, he will personally experience the effectiveness of the “Future Village” demonstration project, analyze and refine existing problems, and actively offer suggestions to promote Shanwei’s agriculture. Contribute to the high-quality development of rural areas.

The Talent Office of the Shanwei Municipal Party Committee is recruiting 100 doctors from the whole city to form an observation team. This time, there are “millions of projects”, “deep integration of Bay”, “advantageous industries”, “prosperous sea”, “four-number linkage”, “future village”, “beautiful culture”, “common wealth and sharing”, “green and beautiful ecology”, “good governance at the grassroots level” “And 10 observation groups accepted the flag presentation. The observation team will go to the city’s counties (cities, districts) and project frontlines in batches starting from June this year, and carry out investigation and research activities with the theme of “Talents, seas, lands, riches, thousands of talents”.