Shangqiu Anti-Fraud Center issued a reminder!


Impersonating customer service fraud is prominent

Citizens claim to have received a call from a customer service claiming to be

Not only can provide accurate personal information

Also to eliminate bad credit,

Upgrade JD financial services,

Reduce JD’s loan interest,

Increase the quota of Jingdong white bars,

Cancellation of membership business

etc. to commit fraud

Citizen Ms. Chen received a call claiming to be customer service, saying that her gold bars had a credit problem, which would affect personal credit reporting. Ms. Chen believed it to be true, and downloaded the **screencasting APP according to the other party’s instructions, and then performed the transfer operation through the shared screen, resulting in a huge loss. Later, Ms. Chen found out that she had been deceived and called the police.

Method analysis

1. The liar pretended to be customer service and accurately reported the victim’s personal information to deceive trust, saying that if the “ Gold Bar” was not cancelled, it would affect the credit investigation and further pressure and create panic. The importance of credit reporting is self-evident. If the victim has no time to think, he will walk into the trap step by step along their lines of thought.

2. Subsequently, the scammer induced the victim to turn on the screen sharing function by asking the victim to download the video conferencing app, and then asked the victim to transfer the money from the bank card under his name to the designated bank account until the victim realized that he had been cheated. . Suspects who obtained the victim’s personal information in advance can often accurately report the victim ‘s name, age, mobile phone number, bank card number and other precise information to make the victim believe it.

Analysis of common words of pretending to be customer service 

1. It is said that the loan during the school period must be cancelled.

2. It can help to upgrade JD’s financial gold bullion service

3. It can help to reduce the interest of Jingdong gold bars loan

4. It can help to increase the amount of’s financial white bars

5. Items purchased on Jingdong have quality problems

6. The staff misoperated to open the membership business

Anti-fraud center reminds the general public

1. If you receive a call claiming to be the customer service of, you must not trust the transfer; you can directly call the official customer service number of for verification.

2. Identity information, bank accounts, verification codes, and various passwords must be carefully kept and never disclosed.

3. If the other party requests to add a private social account, especially an invitation to join various video conferencing software to share videos and other operations, be sure to refuse.

4. Personal credit information is under the unified management of the People’s Bank of China, and no one has the right to delete or modify it.

Source: Shangqiu Anti-Fraud Center

Editor: Julien

Review: Guo Yueqi