Shanghai’s first H·AI high school interdisciplinary integration course group unveiled, with these “black technologies”

“Hello, students from Hefei No. 10 Middle School!”

At 8:55 a.m. on October 28, 2022, under the leadership of the head teacher and Chinese teacher Shen Jue, the students of Shanghai Luwan Senior High School Senior Three (8) broke the time and space limitation with the teachers and students of No. 10 Middle School in Hefei City, Anhui Province. , opened a language class full of science and technology.

Shen Jue connected with the teachers and students of Hefei No. 10 Middle School through the 5G interactive classroom. The pictures in this article are provided by the school

As the first 5G+AI smart high school in Shanghai, Shanghai Luwan Senior High School has once again upgraded the informatization classroom to cultivate students’ “H AI” (H is the initial letter of Holistic, representing whole-person development, AI is artificial intelligence) ability, complete The artificial intelligence + interdisciplinary integration course group made a stunning appearance.

The online teaching display of “Shanghai Curriculum Leadership Project (Third Round) Achievements Exhibition and Exchange” and “Digital Intelligence Drives Classroom Reform ‘Three Modernizations’ to Improve Core Literacy” jointly carried out by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Teaching and Research Office and Shanghai Luwan Senior High School The event takes place today. The project has been fruitful for three years.

On October 28th, 13 open classes including Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, chemistry, biology, sports, history, and information were displayed at Shanghai Luwan Senior High School. 5G, AI, AR, VR, XR, MR , holographic technology, etc. took turns, attracting more than 100,000 people online and offline to watch. Everyone was impressed by the classroom full of “black technology” and praised the classroom driven by digital intelligence.

For example, in chemistry, due to the risk factors in the production of many chemical raw materials, in the past, students could only read in books. On the same day, chemistry teacher Xu Jinjin used 5G+AI+XR technology to build a virtual reality experimental system, and through SLAM-AR technology, recovery Based on the real scene of the chlor-alkali production factory workshop, students are led to experience the chlor-alkali production process in an immersive virtual space.

Artificial Intelligence Physical Education

I love sports, and I want to be able to exercise. Is your exercise posture standard? In the tennis class of physical education teacher Xu Haoqiang, through the Beibei intelligent sports system, the details of the students’ tennis movements are captured in real time, and intelligent and personalized guidance is provided according to the characteristics of different students, so as to help students correct their posture in time and better master tennis. Skill.

He Li, Principal of Shanghai Luwan Senior High School, said that based on the school’s philosophy and characteristics, the school has developed and practiced a group of artificial intelligence characteristic courses, focusing on three levels of “experience, practice, innovation”, “basic, discipline, city, aesthetics, emotion, creativity”. “Six fields, comprehensively create artificial intelligence + interdisciplinary integration course group, “let students understand artificial intelligence, prepare for the era of artificial intelligence, and have the key capabilities and emotional character that will not be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future.” He Li said.