Shandong one card recycling graphic tutorial

Shandong One Card is a unique shopping card in Shandong. This card can only be used in Shandong, and it can be used in a wide range of life scenarios such as catering, medical care, entertainment, fitness, fueling, transportation, etc. However, in the process of using Shandong One Card, you can find that Shandong One Card will deduct a certain handling fee according to the different merchants when paying. This operation makes many friends do not want to use Shandong One Card anymore, and now use mobile phones The payment is so convenient, and the scope of use is not limited, making the use more free. What should I do with the Shandong One Card in my hand?

Shandong All-in-One Card is a prepaid card, so it can be recycled. We can collect Shandong All-in-One Card and exchange it for cash. Recycling is also very convenient. You can complete the operation on your mobile phone. You just need to find a regular recycling platform . The editor has been using Taotao collection , which has its own recycling qualification, and can be completed in just a few minutes. For the recycling of a shopping card, those in need can follow the steps below.

Shandong one-card recycling graphic tutorial:

First, open [Tao Tao Collection];

Second, click on the lower left corner [card transfer];

Third, enter [Shandong One Card] in the search box above to find the card type;

Fourth, enter the [face value], [card number] and [card secret] corresponding to the card and coupon;

Fifth, the final confirmation submission.