Shandong Energy New Mining Group Zhaizhen Coal Mine has a new intelligent coal loading system to achieve “unmanned” coal delivery

Qilu Net·Lightning News, October 28th, recently, the intelligent coal charging system of Zhaizhen Coal Mine of Xinkuang Group was officially launched.

The intelligent coal loading system uses AI intelligent radar point cloud modeling, real-time perception of coal loading, PLC precise linkage control, combined with real-time data processing and effective monitoring in several links such as visual voice control, which can form integrated management of shipments and greatly improve coal loading. Transportation and marketing safety management level.

After nearly two months of system installation and commissioning, the intelligent coal loading system can seamlessly connect vehicle information, coal type information, customer information, and metering information with the original shipping system, and realize intelligent automatic loading, Remote centralized control of loading, emergency on-site operation loading, the three modes can be quickly switched according to authority requirements, and the intelligent operation of loading system realizes the “management information, system automation, and post unmanned” of coal delivery in mines. Work requirements.

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