Several new products of Huawei watches, PCs, and smart screens officially announced that Guan Xiaotong held the Pocket S real machine

Following @HUAWEI Terminal official Weibo and Huawei Managing Director, Terminal BG CEO, Smart Car Solutions BU CEO @于成东, and Huawei Terminal BG Chief Operating Officer @huahegang announced and announced about the new #HUAWEIPocketS# folding screen machine. After a lot of news, recently, the official also announced that new products such as #HUAWEIWATCHGT# Cyber, #HUAWEISmart Screen# V and #HUAWEIMateStation# X will be launched at this conference. A few days ago, Huawei officially announced a warm-up video of the Pocket S again. Guan Xiaotong appeared with the Pocket S real machine, which exposed part of the appearance of the new machine.

A few days ago, @HUAWEI Terminal re-released a warm-up video of #HUAWEIPocketS#, and said, “Each style has its own style. At 19:00 on November 2, #HUAWEIPocketS# and the new product launch of the whole scene, Feel the stunning beauty of the collision of fashion and technology with @guanxiaotong.” From the video, Huawei Pocket S still continues the overall appearance of the P50 Pocket, using a vertical folding solution, which is compact after folding, supports side fingerprint recognition, and is overall thin and stylish. , which is very suitable for female users.

According to the previous warm-up, this time Huawei Pocket S should be the main color matching upgrade, which will bring a variety of different color styles. Recently, at least 6 new colors including green, yellow, blue, pink and purple have been exposed. , and there is also a splicing effect of plain leather + glass, the upper part is made of glass, and the lower half is made of plain leather. @李成东 once revealed that Huawei Pocket S is the result of further exploration of technology and aesthetics, and will bring a better and younger new experience.

According to the information that has been exposed so far, in terms of hardware configuration, Huawei Pocket S may provide two main control versions, Snapdragon 778 and Snapdragon 8+. It is expected to use a 6.9-inch internal screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and support 1440Hz high frequency PWM dimming. In terms of imaging, it may be equipped with a rear three-camera module consisting of a 40-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 32-megapixel super-spectral camera, and it is also expected to introduce an XMAGE imaging system.

In addition to the Pocket S stack phone, Huawei has also officially announced that the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​watch, Huawei MateStation X all-in-one and Huawei Smart Screen V will also be released on November 2. Among them, the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​watch adopts a cyberpunk design style, and it seems to use a detachable dial design. The configuration is not expected to be much different from the Huawei WATCH GT3 series.