Sergio Loro Piana coat

Loro Piana

For the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Loro Piana pays homage to and reinvents an iconic coat from Sergio Loro Piana’s wardrobe, the Ulster coat. This structured and glamorous double-breasted coat exemplifies the brand’s elegant style.

A leader of elegant style, Mr. Sergio Loro Piana is known for his refined and understated style: his clothes are tailored, loose and relaxed, exuding a distinctive character, achieving a balance between superior quality, classic elegance, practical functionality and extraordinary comfort A clever balance. His coat is impressive, an innovative handcrafted masterpiece. Sergio Loro Piana loves its lightness and comfort, which makes this coat unique in an era of heavy winter coats. The secret to this characteristic is the use of superior fabrics, as well as the precise proportions and carefully tailored details in the production process. Because lightness and comfort can only be achieved by adhering to strict tailoring standards.

Mr. Sergio Loro Piana in Ulster coat

This is the true essence of the new Sergio Loro Piana coat, suitable for important occasions as well as for casual looks, more contemporary in material and silhouette, yet still exuding a classic feel. This coat fits all body types and is designed for both men and women, with men and women only differing in size. The fabric used in the coat is made of ultra-soft double-layer Baby Cashmere and treated with Rain System®, Loro Piana’s exclusive fabric water-repellent technology.

A pioneer in transforming precious raw materials into high-quality fabrics, Loro Piana updates the Sergio Loro Piana coat with Baby Cashmere. Baby Cashmere is an incredibly soft, fine fibre derived from the undercoat of Capra Hircus goat young – obtained by herders through the meticulous grooming of young goats under twelve months of age, and only once. It took Sergio Loro Piana and Pier Luigi Loro Piana ten years to convince Mongolian herders to keep the undercoat of young goats that yield little (30 grams per goat), and finally introduced this remarkable unique fiber.

The Sergio Loro Piana coat is available in three colors – burgundy, desert fog and navy. Its striking details echo the original Ulster coat: wide lapels, placket pockets, knee length, inner shirt sleeves, and a half-waist sash hidden beneath the two deep pleats on the back, which can also be undone from the top for easy mobility . Other chic details include six buttons (instead of the previous eight) and a Melton cashmere bottom collar, as well as cotton reinforcements at the front of the collar and hem for stability and volume, respectively.

Classic and contemporary, the new Sergio Loro Piana coat is a touchstone that pays homage to the brand’s exquisite tailoring and style. Loro Piana is world-renowned for its iconic style of ease and elegance, and the iconic Sergio Loro Piana coat is destined to once again become a global fashion icon.