See-through skirts, earth coats, a collection of 9 red carpet goddesses overturned, supermodels can’t control their good figures

​When female stars walk on the red carpet, it can be said that a hundred flowers are blooming, each with its own beauty, but some styles are difficult to control even for the “victorious generals” of the red carpet.

1. Liu Wen

“Big cousin” Liu Wen is a very well-known supermodel. It can be said that she looks good in everything, but the white dress Liu Wen wore recently has not been well controlled.

It’s a beautiful white dress, but Liu Wen is too thin to hold up this dress at all, especially her front chest, which can be said to be bony. I wonder if Liu Wen has lost weight recently, how could she be so thin?

From every angle, Liu Wen will be attracted by the bones on her chest. The upper body is too thin and there is no beauty at all. It seems that even a supermodel can’t control all the looks.

But the look of Liu Wen walking on the Vogue red carpet in front can be said to be “killing the Quartet”, which amazed everyone.

The black dress highlights Liu Wen’s figure very gracefully, and every gesture is elegant.

2. Di Ali Gerba

Reba’s red carpet style can be said to be dazzlingly beautiful, and every style is very delicate. It can be said to be a tyrant on the red carpet and a proper “Disney princess on the run”.

These few steps seem to be walking in the heart of Xiao 8, so beautiful, a proper bright and beautiful beauty.

But Reba, who is a “red carpet bully”, has also had a rollover look. For example, this outfit, the color is dull, and the two pieces of cloth on the shoulders don’t know what it means, it looks very strange.

Reba is obviously tall and bumpy, but this outfit makes him look like a bucket waist, and his legs look so short. This set of looks is too stretched, old-fashioned, and doesn’t highlight Reba’s beauty at all.

There is also this dress, the transparent gauze and this gaudy color, even if Reba does not look good when wearing it, the overall shape can be seen on Reba’s face.

There is also this bright yellow patterned skirt, which complements Reba’s black and a little earthy. The color of this dress is cheesy, and the fabric is heavy. It is too similar to the vase on the right. Did the designer’s inspiration come from this?

3. Ni Ni

The Ni Ni we usually see is like this, or atmospheric, or elegant, or bright, and there are many pictures of gods out of the circle.

But in fact, Ni Ni’s style is sometimes very urgent, such as this purple cake dress, this purple is difficult to wear well, and these folds look a bit cheap.

In addition to the above set, there is also this set of “underwear skirts”. The flesh-colored lace on the upper body is like the warm lace underwear in winter, but Ni Ni put on the red carpet.

As soon as the lights came on, this set of flesh-colored lace merged with Ni Ni, and it seemed that she was not wearing a top from a distance.

People are still good-looking, but the aesthetics are really not online.

There is also the shape of this set of “dishwashing gloves”. It is obvious that the face is a big beauty, but down there is a pair of dishwashing gloves that destroy the shape.

There is also this skirt, which failed to highlight Ni Ni’s slender figure. From a distance, it hooped Ni Ni’s slender waist into a bucket, the same width from top to bottom, and the beauty couldn’t hold this look.

4. Tang Yan

Speaking of skirts with gloves, there is also our “Tangtang” Tang Yan. This ultra-short skirt and gloves are really hard to appreciate.

Tang Yan is obviously tall and fair-skinned. With the addition of bangs, she looks like an intelligent robot. Really few people can wear this yellow to a beautiful effect.

In addition to the yellow set, there is also this dress. This style actually looks good, but the design of the waist is really eye-catching. I can’t understand the designer’s intention at all, and it looks very strange.

If a female star wears the wrong dress, she will really change from a glamorous goddess to “that girl”. Fortunately, some of Tang Yan’s styles can still make a difference. This dress makes Tang Yan beautiful and moving.

5. He Sui

In addition to Liu Wen’s unsightly looks, and the glowing white “He Xiangu” He Sui also rolled over on the red carpet, this set of see-through dresses not only failed to show He Sui’s beauty, but was a little tacky.

The only thing in the whole dress is that the chest is not transparent, and you can see it clearly below the chest. And because it is the kind of docile fabric, compared with the previous clothes that directly exposed the legs, this kind of see-through skirt makes her legs look much shorter. Supermodel mutated.

In addition to this see-through suit, He Sui also has another see-through suit. This skirt covers the entire body from the top to the chest, with a pair of shorts covering the lower body. The grade immediately dropped several degrees, and it seems that supermodels can’t control such a shape.

6. Xi Mengyao

Xi Mengyao, who is also a Victoria’s Secret model, has also had unsuccessful looks. For example, in this dress, Xi Mengyao’s fat is squeezed out. It seems that this dress does not fit well, and the fat looks very obvious when akimbo.

It is also very obvious from the back, and obviously looks very thin elsewhere, but the fat around the waist is very conspicuous.

There is also this dress, which is what Xi Mengyao wore when she attended the red carpet when she was pregnant with her second child. However, when this look came out, it was also complained by netizens. She got fat and stuffed herself into a tight dress and squeezed out the breasts.

Putting on a loose dress is actually just as beautiful, but Xi Mengyao likes this tight dress and exposes her shortcomings.

7. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong’s style can be said to be very good-looking now. She has found the right way and is very eye-catching. She must be in the top few red carpet styles.

But this road is the direction that Guan Xiaotong has been ridiculed for many times. After all, she used to look like this, a pink princess dress with a beautiful face, but this dress really can’t find a place to praise it, it looks very There is a studio style.

There is also this dress made of emoji. The inside is all black, but it has to be covered with a layer of white gauze. Rustic and funny coexist, and such a good long leg is wasted.

There is also this set of looks. The upper body is complained by netizens that it looks like a green onion egg pancake. The overall shape does not highlight Guan Xiaotong’s advantage of long legs, which makes her look old-fashioned.

8. Yang Ying

Baby’s red carpet style has always been very beautiful, and it can be said that every style is very out of the circle. This pink gauze dress is so gentle, like a princess.

But there are times when the baby’s shape has turned over, such as this skirt, which is also a pink gauze skirt, but this skirt looks very cheap, with a strong studio style, even the baby can’t hold it. The folds at the waist look unpretentious.

There is also this set, the baby has also worn see-through clothes before, which is transparent from top to bottom, but it does not look high-end, and the waistline of this skirt is not high, the baby looks like five or five points, and the legs look very short.

9. Liu Yifei

“Sister Fairy” Liu Yifei’s face is really nothing to say, summed up in two words: beautiful. And a good-looking face and a skirt that can add points, it is really a fairy.

But Sister Shenxian also has times when she looks overturned. For example, this suit looks very capable. On the red carpet of all skirts, wearing trousers is definitely very special, but Liu Yifei’s suit is not special at all.

The black suit is very cool, but the suit of this material is soft, not cool, but has the feeling of a rural female entrepreneur, and the trousers are too tight, and the fairy sister’s thighs are stretched so thick.

In addition to the suit, there is also this set of dresses, which makes Liu Yifei’s waist unobstructed, and the fairy sister is also down to earth.

These 9 beautiful female stars are always victorious generals on the red carpet. Every look can attract everyone’s praise, but wearing the wrong clothes and not in the state will also become a loser.