Second LEGO flagship store in western China opens in Chongqing

(October 28, 2022) The first LEGO brand flagship store in Qingshi officially opened in Chongqing Raffles City, which is also the second brand flagship store opened by the LEGO Group in western China.

The Chongqing LEGO brand flagship store is located in Chongqing’s landmark building – Chongqing Raffles City Shopping Center, with a business area of ​​more than 759 square meters. Inspired by the landform features of Chongqing’s “mountain city”, the two-storey store simulates the life scene of a mountain city climbing a hill. With the ingenious combination of river and mountain views outside the window on the second floor of the store, it presents a unique Chongqing area. Unique store atmosphere. At the same time, by creating an interactive experiential shopping environment that combines digital and physical play, consumers of all ages can also experience a more immersive consumption and play experience when purchasing imaginative LEGO products.

In the past few years, the LEGO Group has continued to increase business investment in the Chinese market, and the brand retail business has developed rapidly. The newly opened Chongqing LEGO brand flagship store is the second brand flagship store opened by the LEGO Group in the western region after Chengdu. As an innovative achievement in the retail field of the LEGO Group, the new store integrating physical and digital play will also land in more and more cities with the continuous expansion of retail business, with a unique, more immersive and interactive experience, Be an important window to introduce the LEGO brand to local consumers, showcasing the infinite fun and creative possibilities of LEGO bricks and play experiences.