Season 1-4: Sun Jian and Dian Wei = a perfect match

Hello everyone, I am a player of Zero Krypton, and many generals in the game have good effects after being linked together. In this issue, I will introduce a team [Sun Jian + Dian Wei] that is easy for civilian players to form.

Huaxi hopes to reverse the embarrassing image of “Jiangdong Tiger” being called “sick cat” in the game.

The article is divided into the following parts:

1: The linkage between Sun Jian and Dian Wei’s tactics

2: Battle report analysis

3: Analysis of tactics and military book collocation

“Suitable for civilian players who lack generals”

Sun Jian: “My Jiangdong Tiger is back”

The purpose of this article is not that Sun Jian is invincible, but that I can bite down a piece of meat when I encounter any team, so that my main force can easily eat the enemy’s main force.

If you are unlucky, you can hit the enemy with 5000-10000 blood. If you are lucky, you can directly knock down the enemy. After all, in some teams, your main force may be taken away by the enemy full of blood.

Touch it with this first, and it will be much easier to hit the main force.

Sun Jian + Dian Wei’s Combat Skills Linkage

Sun Jian’s tactics [Jiangdong Tiger]: 50% chance to deal 126% damage to 2 enemies, and taunt the enemy for 2 rounds.

Dian Wei’s Tactics [Ancient Evil Comes]: When our army general is about to be attacked, Dian Wei will deal 80% damage to the attacker, and the main general will take the next damage.

Sun Jian has his own taunting tactics and damage, and then Dian Wei protects Sun Jian.

These two are a perfect match.

With Dian Wei to protect Sun Jian from being attacked by ordinary people, it is difficult to use it with riding a tiger.

【Riding a Tiger Difficulty】: When allies are attacked, there is a 35% chance of banning teammates and dealing 72% damage to 2 enemies.

The linkage of tactics was formed, Sun Jian taunted – Dian Wei counterattacked and took the damage – Sun Jian attacked the enemy by riding a tiger.

Regardless of whether the enemy attacked Zhang Fei or Dian Wei, there was a chance that they would be attacked by Sun Jian.

How is the battle

The following battle reports were all intercepted and beaten by the enemy during the process of Huaxi mobilizing the team.

The key to the battle is that Sun Jian can trigger several tactics. Although Sun Jian’s speed is relatively slow, the probability of his tactics being activated is 50% higher, and triggering 2–4 times is normal.

The most surprising thing was that Sun Jian encountered a team of cavalry Lu Bu who was protected by Zhechong Taishi Ci, and he was able to defeat him.

In the game, cavalry restrains shield soldiers, and it is rare for shield soldiers who are not rattan to win cavalry.

The shield soldiers restrained the archers, so it was reasonable to win the arson team, and even if they lost, it would not be ugly.

This team is really afraid of Wei Dun, especially the rattan armour combination, who can’t do good damage in the face of avoiding damage.

I can’t beat the Wu State cavalry, but I can bite off 10,000 blood.

Sun Jian and Dian Wei’s injuries

Since Dian Wei’s position is to protect Sun Jian, Dian Wei’s damage is relatively small most of the time, at least 2000 damage.

Sun Jian’s damage is relatively stable for the following reasons:

Active tactics have a 50% probability, which can theoretically be triggered 4 times in 8 rounds.

Passive tactics have a 35% chance of triggering, and the enemy has 3 basic attacks per round, so there are 3 trigger chances.

When you are lucky, you can deal 6000 damage while riding a tiger.

When you are unlucky, you can also deal 2400 damage while riding a tiger.

Therefore, the advantage of this team is that most of the time, it can deal a certain amount of damage, and there will be no situation where the enemy will be defeated when the enemy is full of blood.

Combination of tactics

The reason why Dian Wei carried the front and arrows was to increase the damage to Sun Jian. Since Zhao Yun was given tactics such as sweeping away thousands of troops, Sun Jian brought “defeat sharpness”.

Although there is no damage, it is also good to have a chance to reduce the damage of the enemy.

Zhang Fei acts as a stable damage source to assist output.

Attribute points: Sun Jian’s force, Dian Wei’s commander, Zhang Fei’s force

Soldier book selection:

Sun Jian attacked his unprepared, general power

Dian Wei returned from three miles away, on the defensive

If Zhang Fei is not brave, he will die and win the battle

Alternative tactics:

1: The front arrow formation is replaced by the Tiger Guards

The effect of the Tiger Guard is that when the main general is about to receive a normal attack, the two lieutenants deal blade damage to the attacker respectively. Sun Jian’s own sarcasm, and the Tiger Guard is also a perfect fit for this system.

2: Frustration is replaced by a three-potential formation

Sun Jian’s Jiangdong Tiger is a damage skill, so carrying the three-potential formation can also increase the damage. Dian Wei must be the most injured. The three-potential formation can provide additional damage-free, so that another lieutenant can also receive a 25% increase in the three-potential formation. Injury bonus.

Conclusion: There are no high-intelligence generals in this team, so give up the treatment. The idea is to fight the enemy desperately to see who can defeat the opponent first. With Dian Wei’s protection and Sun Jian’s damage guaranteed, the team is not the strongest in general, but civilian players are easy to match. , can exist as two teams and three teams.