SE “Enchanted Land” will be exclusive to PS5 for at least two years for a limited time

Recently, PlayStation released a new trailer for the SE open-world action RPG “Land of the Enchanted”. At the end of the film, it was confirmed that the “Land of the Enchanted” console version will be exclusive to PS5 for a limited time, and the exclusive time is 2 years. This means that Enchanted Land will not be available on the Xbox Series until January 23, 2025.

“Land of the Curse” will also be available on the Windows PC platform, with a price of 446 yuan in the Steam country. It will be released simultaneously with PS5 on January 25, 2023, and comes with Simplified Chinese.

In addition to “Curse Land”, another recently announced PS5 console exclusive for a limited time is Konami’s “Silent Hill 2: Remastered Edition”, which will be exclusive to the console platform for one year.

In “FORSPOKEN”, Frey, a young man from New York, is transported to the beautiful and cruel land “Aishia” and begins an adventure. To find her way home, Frey must use her newfound magical abilities to move across vast lands and fight terrifying monsters.