Screen exposure! Royal Navy destroys smuggling boat after 400kg of drugs seized in Caribbean waters

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] According to the Associated Press, the British “Daily Mail” and other media reports, the British Royal Navy announced on the 28th local time that they had seized more than 880 pounds (about 880 pounds) on a smuggling ship in the Caribbean waters. 400kg) of cocaine, the ship was subsequently destroyed and sunk.

According to the Associated Press, the British Royal Navy said on the 27th that the British side launched a “tense pursuit” operation in the waters near the Dominican Republic in a joint operation with the United States Coast Guard on the 27th, and seized an estimated value of about 24 million pounds ( approximately $28 million) and detained three smugglers.

After detaining the smugglers, a Royal Navy patrol vessel sank the smuggler, reports said. The “Daily Mail” also exposed the scene of the Royal Navy destroying and sinking the smuggling ship.

The above-mentioned media all said that the smuggling boat is believed to have departed from South America and took a route often taken by smugglers.