Scored 28:5 in the first and second half, Curry waved and the Warriors still passed the test

  On October 24th, Beijing time, with 28 points in the first half and only 33 points after the game, Stephen Curry became less efficient after he got up. Still a victory for the Warriors.

  The Warriors’ loss in the last game gave them a wake-up call. They dropped 20 points in the first 5 minutes after the start, and they have been chasing hard since then, and finally failed to make a comeback.

  With the lessons learned, the Warriors did not dare to be careless today and attacked aggressively at the beginning of the game. Scored 50 points in the second quarter and 89 in the first half.

  Curry also felt hot, hitting 6 three-pointers at halftime, and already scored 28 points.

  The Warriors, who led by a large score, relaxed in the second half, and their hit rate dropped significantly.

  In the last quarter, they were counterattacked by the king, and the gap was narrowed to single digits. In the end, the Warriors won only 130-125.

  He scored 89 points in the first half, only 41 points in the second half, and he scored less than half of the points.

  Curry only made 1 three-pointer in the second half, adding up to only 5 points, which is also different from the cloud and mud in the first half. I originally wanted to clock in and get off work in the fourth quarter, but I had to work overtime.

  Fortunately, the opponent is not a powerful king, and the Warriors can still win after half-court. But for the defending champion, this mentality is not good. (Angkor)

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