Science in the story of a wise boy: Hua Tuo learns art

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    Hua Tuo lost his father when he was a child, and then his mother suffered from a strange disease that could not be cured no matter how he treated it.

    Before she died, her mother said to Hua Tuo: “Child, remember, your parents were tortured to death by this strange disease. I hope you learn to be a doctor, and in the future, you can treat diseases and save people, so that people will be less afflicted by diseases! “

    Hua Tuo vowed to become a good doctor when he grows up. When he was 7 years old, he came to the house of a doctor surnamed Cai to study art.

  Dr. Cai’s medical skills are excellent, and many people come to visit him.

    Dr. Cai felt that he should accept those smart children as apprentices in order to carry forward his medical skills. Therefore, anyone who comes to study medicine must first test their intelligence. This time, Hua Tuo’s visit to apprentice was no exception.

  He called Hua Tuo in front of him, pointed to a mulberry tree in front of the house and asked a question: “Look, the leaves on the highest branch of this mulberry tree are out of reach, so how can we pluck the top mulberry leaves? Woolen cloth?”

  Hua Tuo said, “Go up with a ladder!”

  Dr. Cai shook his head and said, “I don’t have a ladder in my house.”

  ”Then I’ll climb up to pick it up.” Hua Tuo said that he was going to climb the tree.

  Dr. Cai hurriedly said, “No, no, can you think of another way?”

    After thinking about it, Hua Tuo went to find a long rope, tied a wooden stick to the top of the rope, and threw it hard at the highest branch.

    The stick fell on the branch, and Hua Tuo pulled the branch and bent over. The branches hung down to his hand, and Hua Tuo plucked the mulberry leaves as soon as he stretched out his hand.

  Dr. Cai nodded happily and said, “This method is good, very good!”

  After a while, two goats were fighting outside the courtyard. They were desperately pressing their heads against each other, and several children went up to pull them, but they couldn’t pull them away.

  Dr. Cai said to Hua Tuo again, “Go and think of a way to tell those two sheep to stop fighting.”

    Hua Tuo thought for a while, then went outside the courtyard to pull two handfuls of fresh green grass and ran over. He put grass to the mouths of the two sheep. The fighting goats were already very hungry. As soon as they saw fresh grass, they were busy eating, and no longer cared about fighting.  

    Dr. Cai patted Hua Tuo’s head and said, “You really know how to use your brain. I’m very happy to be your teacher.”

    Hua Tuo worshipped his master and stayed at Dr. Cai’s house. During the day, whether he was doing chores or picking herbs, he was diligent and diligent; at night, he practiced calligraphy and copied prescriptions, and he was attentive and careful. The master was very happy to see it.

    One day, the master called Hua Tuo to him and said, “You have been studying for a year, you have learned a lot of herbs, and you have also understood the properties of these medicines. The next step is to follow the senior brother to learn how to dispense medicines.”

    Hua Tuo nodded, knowing that he had made progress again, so he began to learn to prescribe medicine.

    The herbal medicines of traditional Chinese medicine are stored in the drawers of a row of cabinets, and each time the medicine is dispensed, it needs to be weighed according to the prescription.

    However, there is only one scale in the shop, and two or three apprentices are together. I can only use it after you have used it. But for some unknown reason, the senior brother only watched by Xu Huatuo, never letting him touch it.

    Hua Tuo thought to himself that if he told his master about this, his brother would be unhappy if he was blamed, and he would lose his temper. But if you don’t say it, how can you learn the skill of grasping medicine?

    “There is no difficulty in the world, I’m just afraid of those who have a heart.” Hua Tuo said to his senior brother, “Brother, let me deliver the medicine you’ve praised to the mulberry paper wrapped with the medicine, so that you won’t be too tired to run around.” Listen, nod happily.

    In this way, Hua Tuo weighed each of the medicines that his brother had praised with his hands while looking at the quantity of herbs on the prescription, looking for that special feeling. When everyone was free, he secretly weighed the herbs he had weighed on a scale and compared them. After such a long period of time, the feeling of the weight in his hands was not bad.

    Once, the master came to see Hua Tuo to take medicine. Seeing that Hua Tuo didn’t need to use the scale, he would pack it after he caught it. If you catch it wrong, you won’t be able to achieve the expected effect, and if you don’t get it right, it will kill people!”

    Hua Tuo said with a smile: “Master, you can’t be wrong. If you don’t believe me, please call it your own.”

    Dr. Cai took the medicines from Huatuo Bao and weighed them one by one, and they were all the same as the medicines he prescribed. Weighed a few more doses, same thing.

    Later, when Dr. Cai asked about it, he realized that this was the result of Hua Tuo’s painstaking cultivation, so he gave him the nickname of “One Accurate”.

Science in Chitong Stories:

    Hua Tuo was the most outstanding medical scientist in my country during the Eastern Han Dynasty and the early Warring States Period more than 1800 years ago. His medical skills are very comprehensive, proficient in internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, acupuncture and moxibustion, especially in surgery, proficient in surgery. He was called “the holy hand of surgery” and “the originator of surgery” by later generations.