School-site coordination, building a platform, and jointly educating grassroots mental health “gatekeepers”

On the morning of October 27th, Wan Chonghua, Dean of the School of Humanities and Management of Guangdong Medical University and Director of the Research Center for Quality of Life and Applied Psychology of Guangdong Medical University, led a team of experts to Dongguan Yixinyuan Hospital to investigate and discuss psychological medical research and clinical practice. conversion, etc.

In 2021, the Quality of Life and Applied Psychology Research Center of Guangdong Medical University will establish the Institute of Clinical Psychology of Dongguan Yixinyuan Hospital in Dongguan Yixinyuan Hospital after inspection and screening. Colleges and universities work together to carry out scientific research projects and actively promote the implementation of social services.

At the seminar, Wan Chonghua introduced the research direction, achievements and future development path of the Center for Quality of Life and Applied Psychology. At present, many of his research topics are related to psychology, such as clinical psychology and art therapy, etc. Its application will promote the improvement of grassroots mental health treatment.

Experts speak up. Quan Peng, deputy director of the Quality of Life and Applied Psychology Research Center, Ph.D. in Basic Psychology, and associate professor of medical psychology, has studied issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases and sleep disorders, which echoes the medical needs of the elderly. Chu Chengjing, director of the Department of Psychology of Guangdong Medical University and associate professor of medical psychology, is good at psychological counseling and counseling. She is very interested in the psychological problems of teenagers admitted to the hospital. She believes that the hospital has treated a large number of patients and has a rich case base. Front-line doctors also You can work with colleges and universities to build a database for research. Liu Tengfei, a doctor of applied psychology, analyzed diseases from a spiritual perspective, including the psychological impact of using the Internet. Tan Junwen, Ph.D. in Psychology, School of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Ulm University, Germany, studies the family dynamics and family therapy process of adolescents’ psychological and behavioral problems.

“Over the years, non-suicidal self-injury has increasingly become a serious mental health problem, affecting the mental health of young people.” Li Yihong, vice president of Dongguan Yixinyuan Hospital, hopes that the research results of experts can be applied in the hospital. He introduced the hospital’s treatment of mental and psychological diseases such as emotional and behavioral disorders, bipolar disorder, etc., which often occur in adolescence, based on typical cases recently admitted. Since the cooperation between the two parties, many psychology graduates from Guangdong Medical University have come to the hospital for employment, and some students have come to the hospital for internships, and experts have come to give guidance many times. Today, the cooperation between the colleges has further enhanced the exchanges between the two parties, improved the academic level of the hospital and the overall quality of the medical staff, and also improved the reputation of the hospital.

Next, the two sides will deepen cooperation, and improve the level of scientific research, teaching and practical operation by holding academic activities such as lectures and sending experts to visit regularly.

【Reporter】Ou Yaqin

【Author】 Ou Yaqin

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