Sales continue to decline, and Double Eleven may become a key node for TV promotions

In recent years, the development of the domestic color TV market is really not very prosperous. The annual sales volume has dropped from 50.89 million units in 2016 to 38.35 million units in 2021. It is the first time that the sales volume has fallen below 40 million units in the past 12 years. How sluggish. However, the enthusiasm of major TV manufacturers to release new products is still high. Recently, Hisense released E8H series, U8H series and 110UX 8K Mini LED TVs, TCL brought Q10G series Mini LED TVs, and Skyworth also brought A63 series and Q53 series. A series of new products, even LeTV, which has not had any news for a long time, also launched the F50 Pro to join in the fun, and the market competition is still fierce.

Double 11 is approaching, and Xiaomi has also released its own killer move. A few days ago, the Redmi A70 4K TV was put on the shelves. The relatively rare 70-inch TV has a starting price of only 2199 yuan. The price is really fragrant. Subsequently, the new Redmi X Pro gaming TV was also officially released, equipped with 4K dual 120Hz high refresh screen, and also supports VRR variable refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 interface and TV cloud games, etc., specially designed for game scenarios. The price is also quite attractive, the 65-inch version is priced at 3499 yuan, the 75-inch version is priced at 4799 yuan, and the starting prices are 2999 yuan and 4299 yuan respectively.

(Source: Xiaomi official)

It can be seen that TV manufacturers have really tried their best to promote sales growth. Not only do they have more advanced Mini LED technology, but also various game TVs and giant-screen TVs are emerging one after another. You may not find the most ideal choice. So, in the face of so many TV models on the market, how should ordinary consumers choose so as not to be pitted? Below, Xiaolei will sort out the most worthwhile TV products for this year’s Double 11, so that friends who are interested in changing TVs are no longer confused.

Several hardware parameters that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a TV

Before purchasing a TV, there are several parameters that need to be understood and paid attention to. They are: display technology, resolution, size, processor and memory. Display technology is the core part of a TV. The quality of the panel directly determines the quality of the picture. At present, mainstream TVs basically use LED LCD panels, and high-end ones include QLED quantum dots, OLED, Mini LED, QD-OLED, etc. Technology has its advantages and characteristics, but the common point is that it is expensive, and the price is much higher than ordinary LED TVs. Therefore, if you do not have too much pursuit of picture quality, mainstream LED LCD TVs are the most cost-effective.

(Source: Xiaomi official)

Resolution and size can be combined. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution and the larger the size of the product, the visual effect will be shocking, but the higher the resolution and size, the better. Even if 4K is used below 50 inches, the picture quality improvement is not obvious, so many manufacturers only use 1080P or 2K panels in order to save costs. And above 50 inches are basically 4K, and a few high-end models use 8K. But for ordinary consumers, 4K picture quality is enough. At this stage, 8K is really too expensive. The choice of size is not the bigger the better, and it should be considered in combination with the size of the living room. The recommended viewing distance for a 55-inch TV is generally more than 2 meters, and for a 65/75-inch TV, it is more than 2.5/3 meters. If the distance from your sofa to the TV is no more than 3 meters, it is not recommended that you choose a 75-inch and larger model.

Finally, the processor and memory. As a viewing device, the TV does not have too high performance requirements. Generally, a 4-core CPU is enough. But now many TVs are equipped with intelligent systems, and the requirements for memory will be higher to avoid stuttering. The running memory is generally recommended to be more than 2GB. Naturally, the larger the flash memory, the better, so that you can install more software you need, but the minimum guarantee must be 8GB. In addition to the above, parameters such as metal body, interface, system, etc. are also worth paying attention to, but the importance is not so high, so I will not expand them one by one here. Let me tell you which models are worth buying.

The price below 1000 yuan

Xiaolei looked it up and found that there are no models over 50 inches below 1,000 yuan, so I can only buy 43-inch products. First of all, Xiaolei recommends that you buy TCL Thunderbird 4. It is a rare 4K TV at the price of 1,000 yuan. It also has a metal body and a 1.5GB+8GB storage combination. The price of 899 yuan is really high.

(Source: TCL official)

The Mi TV EA43 2022 model is also worth considering. It has an all-metal body, 2*8W speakers, 1GB+8GB memory combination, etc. The price of 799 yuan is also quite fragrant. The configuration of the Redmi A43 2022 is basically the same as the former. The difference is that the screen frame has changed from metal to plastic. Now the price of the two is the same. If Double 11 can be cheaper, it can be considered. In addition to the above models, Thunderbird 4SE and Vidda R43 2023 can also be used for reference. It will be better for you to choose according to the brand and system preferences.

1000 yuan ~ 1999 yuan price

The competition in the price range of 2000 yuan is quite fierce. Based on the principle of giving priority to large screens, we recommend that you buy Xiaomi TV EA65 and Redmi A65. To be honest, the configuration of the two is actually the same, and the same is the frame material. There are slight differences, 65-inch 4K resolution screen, 2*10W speakers, and 1.5GB+8GB storage combination, the configuration is really good at this price. OPPO K9x supports wide color gamut 10 bit color depth, self-developed image quality enhancement algorithm, no ads when booting, and is also equipped with 2GB+16GB large memory, all parameters will be more brilliant, if you are an OPPO mobile phone user, you can also carry out more ecological The interconnection is also worth considering. In addition, the price of TCL Thunderbird 4 is only 1699 yuan is also very fragrant.

(Source: OPPO official)

If you are not particularly looking for a large screen, Huawei Smart Screen SE55 is also quite good. It is equipped with Honghu image quality engine, fast and smooth algorithm and Rhine dual certification, and the image quality performance is quite good. The HDMI 2.1 interface can better play the performance advantages of the game console. The Hongmeng system is equipped with 2GB+16GB of memory, and the system fluency is also guaranteed. The advantages of Thunderbird Peng 6SE are 2GB+32GB large memory, USB 3.0 interface, and 120Hz high-brush game mode, which will also improve the experience for game lovers, and the cost performance is relatively high.

2000 yuan ~ 2999 yuan price

Redmi A75, TCL 75V6D, and Skyworth 75M3 are the few 75-inch models that can be found at this price. Friends who like big screens can choose from them. Among them, 74V6D will be more worthy of consideration. It supports HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0 interfaces, 2GB+32GB, and the configuration is slightly higher than that of Redmi and Skyworth.

(Source: Xiaomi official)

Thunderbird Peng 5 S515D supports HDMI 2.1, 120Hz high refresh rate, 3GB+32GB storage, high configuration and better support for console games. In addition, the Redmi X Pro game TV mentioned above has a starting price of less than 3,000 yuan, and friends who like to play games can choose among them.

If you pursue high image quality, TCL 65V8E supports 130% primary color high image quality and Q image quality engine, and is equipped with Charminglong super chip T1 processing chip, which will have a more dazzling performance in image quality. Thunderbird Crane 5 S535D adopts checkerboard-type partition backlight, has 700nit peak brightness, and supports D65 original color temperature, and the color and light and shade changes will be more outstanding. Its configuration is also quite luxurious, quad-core A73+G52 processor, 3GB+32GB memory, comprehensive cost performance is very high, it is a particularly popular model at present.

(Source: Thunderbird official)

3000 yuan ~ 4999 yuan price

If the price exceeds 3,000 yuan, then picture quality becomes the primary concern, and the gap between different brands begins to widen. First of all, I recommend Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED. As a rare OLED TV in this price range, it is still worth considering. The TCL T8E Max is equipped with the sixth-generation primary color quantum dot technology, reaching an ultra-high color gamut value of 157%, and the picture quality is also quite amazing. The TCL V8G supports 100-level partition backlighting, with a peak brightness of an astonishing 1000 nits, and supports HDR1000, dual 120Hz refresh rate, etc. The performance is equally amazing, both of which can be considered.

(Source: Xiaomi official)

In addition, this price can also touch the threshold of mini LED TV, but there is only one size option of 55 inches. If you can accept this size, then Hisense 55E8G, Thunderbird 55R645C, TCL 55Q10G can all be considered. Among them, the newly launched Q10G should be the most cost-effective in terms of overall cost performance. Friends who have a budget can add money to a larger size model.

5000 yuan ~ 9999 yuan price

When it comes to the real high-end market, the situation of involution is not so serious, and the strength gap between brands is becoming more and more obvious. Friends who are looking for a big screen can give priority to three products: Redmi Max 86, Hisense 85E73G-J and TCL 85V6E Pro. Among them, TCL should be the most cost-effective, but the price of Hisense and Xiaomi products may be reduced on Double 11. If the price It is worth buying if it drops to around 5000. After all, other aspects are not so important in front of the big screen.

(Source: TCL official)

For those who don’t look at the big screen and only pursue picture quality, the TCL Q10G mentioned above is still worth considering. As TCL’s flagship product this year, this product is still remarkable in terms of picture quality. In addition, the Hisense E8H supports 528-segment mini LED technology with a peak brightness of up to 1600 nits, which can also be considered.

Price above 10,000 yuan

When it comes to the price of more than 10,000 yuan, the priority for many people must be Sony. If the budget is not particularly high, you can consider the X91K series. This model has XR chip blessing, and double 11 has price reduction and interest-free discounts, which is much more cost-effective. If the budget is higher, you can choose the X95EK with mini LED technology and the A90J series with OLED technology. These are Sony’s flagship models this year, and the picture quality performance should bring you a new experience.

(Source: Sony official)

If you have enough space in your home and you have a preference for large screens, then Redmi Max 100 can be considered. This is a rare true 100-inch giant-screen TV at this price. Whether it is for watching movies or as a conference screen, there will be better ones. experience. Of course, the home installation of the TV may be more laborious, and you need to make a thorough consideration before deciding to buy it.

Finally, let’s talk about the tips for purchasing products. For large appliances such as TVs, if you have the conditions, it is recommended to experience the experience offline first before making a choice. At present, offline stores such as Suning and Gome have TV shows for sale. In some areas, there may be offline home appliance stores. You can also visit and learn more about the products first. If you buy online, it will be cheaper. The channel is generally still to choose Jingdong, and the delivery service and after-sales are relatively more secure. Moreover, there are not so many routines for’s double 11 price concessions, and there is no need for too complicated calculations to make up orders. Many of them can be placed with coupons. However, the detailed preferential policies have not yet come out. Those who want to buy can pay attention to it first. It stands to reason that the price is the most favorable at the opening stage at 8 pm on October 31st, and you can choose to place an order at that time.


In the past two years, TV sales have continued to decline, and everyone’s enthusiasm for consumption has continued to decline due to the impact of the epidemic. In addition, there are now mobile phones to watch videos, and fewer people watch TV, so it is indeed very difficult to stimulate sales growth. However, the price of TV panels has continued to decline this year, giving TV manufacturers more room for price cuts, and Double 11 is also the event with the most opportunity to boost sales this year. Year-end sales do the last struggle. Therefore, friends who are interested in buying TVs can really seize this opportunity.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about buying an old model now, and the new model will fall behind next year. At present, the development of the TV industry is approaching a bottleneck period. There should be no breakthrough upgrades in terms of picture quality and sound effects in a short period of time. You can rest assured. Buy. Although the mobile phone and tablet are good, if you can put down the phone, turn off the lights, and watch a movie quietly with the person you like, it will feel really good.