S29 “Supreme God of War” was finalized, Lu Bu couldn’t move, Ma Chao couldn’t run, and became the version heads-up king

Everyone knows that in the glory of the king, the confrontation road is a position that attracts everyone’s attention. For a team, the hero against the road usually takes on a more important role in the game.

They need to operate delicately to gain an advantage in the lane, and then further gain an economic advantage, so as to provide enough help when the opponent’s development path has not yet grown up.

For example, Miyamoto Musashi is a warrior hero who is considered very powerful in the minds of the beasts. Miyamoto Musashi’s explosive ability is extremely powerful, and his ultimate move can lock the enemy and cause a very terrifying killing ability to the enemy.

At the same time, Miyamoto Musashi’s ability to cut into the battlefield is also very powerful, and it is easy to quickly approach the enemy by making good use of his second skills. Therefore, once Miyamoto Musashi is targeted, basically any crispy skin will not escape death.

Lu Bu Ma Chao is not the supreme “God of War”

In Glory of Kings, Lu Bu is the warrior hero with the highest appearance rate in Glory of Kings. Lu Bu’s skill mechanism and hero characteristics are very comprehensive, not only has a good tank bonus, but also has a very powerful ultimate damage reduction and displacement effect.

Once Lu Bu is enchanted, he will have a terrifying ability to kill any enemy, even the giant tanks in the game. The most important thing is that once Lu Bu can take advantage of the laning, he can easily develop.

Ma Chao is also an extremely powerful warrior hero in the mid-to-high-end game. Ma Chao’s displacement ability is extremely fast, and his passive gives him a lot of movement speed bonus effects.

At the same time, Ma Chao’s explosive ability is also very prominent. Once hit by Ma Chao’s enhanced basic attack, the enemy’s blood volume will be greatly reduced.

In order to increase the explosive ability of their instant basic attacks, many Ma Chao players will choose to synthesize the power of the grandmaster. This equipment can effectively increase Ma Chao’s frankness and enhance Ma Chao’s output ability to the extreme.

The old master became the “Supreme God of War”

However, although Ma Chao and Lu Bu are both extremely powerful warrior heroes, Lu Bu’s winning rate is not very high in many cases, and Ma Chao’s biggest problem is the high difficulty of operation.

As a leader among warrior heroes, the old master has always had a very good appearance rate in each segment, and his own explosive ability is also extremely powerful.

More importantly, the old master’s single-lane ability is also extremely prominent, and many times he can carry the defense tower and tear down the opposite side.

In the mid-term, once the old master has a good economic advantage, he can consider forcibly stealing his home. The old master himself has a very powerful retention skill. Once the opponent is not in a group to guard the tower, the old master can completely tie the enemy under the tower to kill.

Therefore, many old master players will choose to reduce their CD equipment and increase their skill combat ability.

As a warrior hero, the strength of the old master is not the highest, but he is the most able to reverse the situation. The unparalleled ability of the old master to dismantle the house can often cooperate with a strategic support hero like Da Qiao to force a group and steal the house.

This also makes the old master one of the most difficult warrior heroes in the game, although he is weak in the group, and can be called “the best god of war”. I don’t know what you guys think, please leave a message, like and forward in the comment area!