S12 World Championship: If JDG can’t beat T1, LPL results will be set back five years

With the 2022 Global Finals semi-finals approaching, although on the surface, the situation of this Worlds semi-finals is the same as the 2021 Global Finals semi-finals, there are three LCK teams surrounding an LPL team. Case. But in fact, judging from the overall performance of the two divisions of this World Championship, the LCK is undoubtedly the better party. Coupled with the instability of JDG’s double road in previous games, and T1’s gradually showing dominance in this World Championship, there are actually many voices in the outside world who are not very optimistic about JDG’s ability to defeat T1 in the semi-finals.

Although on the surface, this is another head-to-head match between LPL and LCK, but in fact, if JDG really can’t beat T1. Then, the LPL’s results in the global finals will be set back five years. Five years ago, the S7 global finals, which many LPL fans were very upset about, was the first global finals held in China. Why do you say that? In fact, judging from the performance of LPL before the S7 global finals, in addition to S3 and S4 in ancient times, LPL teams successfully advanced to the finals, and the best results of the two seasons of S5 and S6 LPL in the global finals were the top eight. Because of this, it was also known as the darkest era of LPL at that time. It was not until the S7 global finals that LPL re-entered the top four. Of course, although the LPL teams did advance to the finals in the two seasons of S3 and S4, they were still unable to fight back when facing the strongest opponents of the LCK at that time.

It is precisely because the S7 global finals fell into the sand at their doorstep, 2017 can be said to be a year when LPL really ushered in a turning point. Because after the S7 global finals, in the S8 global finals, the LPL team iG won the first LPL global finals championship; in the S9 global finals, the LPL team FPX won the LPL second global finals championship; S10 global finals In the finals, although the LPL team failed to win the championship, SN entered the finals and won the runner-up; in the S11 global finals, the LPL team EDG once again helped LPL win the global finals championship. That is to say, from the S8 season to the S11 season, LPL won three championships in the global finals, one runner-up, and the worst is the runner-up. And these, combined with the results of MSI, have become the real reason why the LPL has been called the first division in recent seasons.

However, in the S12 global finals, from the current situation, there is a certain gap between LPL and LCK. The second-seeded TES stopped in the group stage; the third-seeded EDG and the fourth-seeded RNG both stopped in the quarter-finals. The only LPL team that made it to the semi-finals, JDG, did not actually accept the test of the LCK team in the Bo5 competition, except for their back and forth with DK in the group stage. What’s more, as mentioned above, the JDG duo road has been unstable in previous competitions, but they have not encountered a really top duo road in the world championship. Therefore, the real test of JDG in this World Championship has not yet begun. The T1, which has no obvious weaknesses in all directions, has become the best touchstone for JDG.

If JDG can successfully defeat T1, the LPL will still maintain the bottom of at least the finals of the global finals for the past five years. However, if JDG can’t beat T1, or even fail miserably, LPL’s results will be set back five years, and the future of LPL is not very optimistic.