S12 World Championship Final Four: T1 is very strong, but JDG is LPL’s last Hope!

In the quarter-finals of the League of Legends S12 global finals, the LPL division played a good hand to a pulp. The situation of our division in the semi-finals of this World Championship has become subtle again – exactly the same as the semi-finals of S11, there are three LCK teams, and one LPL team is besieged.

The semi-finals of this World Championship will start on October 30. The battle between JDG and T1 has come to a time when we have to talk. So from now on, let’s temporarily forget the three teams that have left the World Championship and focus on JDG. Let’s discuss together whether JDG can replicate the miracle of EDG breaking out of the LCK encirclement last year!

The old rules, the following words are the personal thoughts of the embarrassed king, and only represent my personal thoughts. Welcome to discuss, refuse to spray without reason!

Hope is the hope of JDG, and JDG is the HOPE of LPL!

In the previous articles, the king has said many times, although many LPL players are not optimistic about JDG now, thinking that T1 is this year’s The One and Only. Even when the embarrassed king was writing this article, he actually felt in his heart that T1 would have a far greater chance of winning than JDG. But as an LPL player, before the game is over, I choose to believe in JDG, I will still cheer for JDG, and I will still believe that they can reproduce the miracle of EDG last year.

In the previous article, the king once analyzed that we generally believe that JDG, as the No. 1 seed of the LPL, mainly focuses on the upper half of the upper and middle field, and uses the wild core Kanavi to drive the game. But this kind of tactical drive that ordinary people can understand, can’t the professional analysts and professional players of T1 see it?

Therefore, there is a high probability that T1 will use its own hero sea, starting from BP, to limit the play of JDG’s wild core. Because from the data of the existing games, there are only a handful of ban positions played by JDG. The czar of toothpaste and the sword demon of 369 may be worth a little ban, so T1 will have a lot of ban positions for Kanavi. Reduce Canaway’s strong heroes and crack JDG’s tactical routines. And this game, T1 is in the blue dominant side, which is more convenient to make a fuss about BP.

As long as you block Canaway, T1 can even 3 Ban as a jungler. And the friends who have watched T1 play RNG know that in that game, T1 took out 14 different heroes. Therefore, for JDG, it is impossible to ban the T1 system. So in the eyes of the king, in the case of T1 with a high probability of showing the card, if Canaway is locked; 369 and Zeus can play a balanced match; Toothpaste drags Faker in the middle. JDG’s strategy in the upper half of the map may not work.

Therefore, will JDG make a surprise move and put hope on the bottom lane Hope? Will the combination of Hope + Missing really be as weak as some players say when facing Xiao Lu Bu + Keria? In the eyes of the embarrassed king, if the above guesses come true, then Hope may become the hope of JDG, and JDG is the hope of the whole village of LPL!

Therefore, to sum up the above, the embarrassing king believes that in the face of Zeus, who is currently recognized as the strongest newcomer, it is difficult to suppress even if 369 is shaken to 9. The best state is to pull the two sides; and the toothpaste in the middle, as JDG expedition The bottom line of the lower limit is that when facing Faker whose state is declining, as long as you can stabilize the line and not collapse; then the winning hand is in the jungle position of the rhythm engine and the bottom lane Hop, which was previously resisted by everyone by default. Looking forward to the first hand, Hope becomes the hope of JDG and LPL!