S12 semi-finals: Zeus sent the highest output T1 to beat JDG to get the match point even though he was singled out

#League of Legends S12Global Finals# On October 30, 2022, JDG played against T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 Global Finals. The first two games were tied 1-1. T1 tried to use the mid-term speed-up team battle lineup in the first game to no avail. In the second game, the single-belt system was used, and relying on the ultimate pulling performance, JDG’s late team battle lineup had nowhere to exert force, and the score was smoothly equalized.

The first game: S12 semi-finals: team battle invincible JDG! Yagao Taliyah MVP helps JDG Lectra T1 win a good start

The second game: S12 semi-finals: 369 Stones have no success! JDG was pulled back by T1 to the extreme!

The third round BP:

When it comes to the blue side, JDG still chooses from the BAN policewoman. At the same time, you press Yone, who played well in the last game of Zeus, and the pig girl who can swing in the wild. T1 is the usual press to remove the cat, the sword demon and the male gun.

JDG grabbed Foyego with one hand, and then tapped Aphelios Lulu against Luna, while T1 tapped Ryze with three hands after tasting the sweetness of the last single-belt pull.

The last two-handed JDG got the crocodile and the Tsar with the strong line right in the early stage, while T1 was the nightmare and captain who continued to emphasize the ability to radiate the flank.

Competition stage:

Kanavi took the lead to help the top lane, 369 Red Furious Crocodile cooperated with Kanavi to take the lead in jumping over the tower to make Zeus one blood, then Kanavi continued to squat in the top lane and successfully waited for Oner’s nightmare.

In 6 minutes, the upper and lower lanes started at the same time. First, the top lane was 2V2, and JDG completed the Ueno swap. Unfortunately, Kanavi Foyego chased into the tower and failed to kill Zeus. The duo took the lead in killing Lucian, but were supported by Li Gerez, and the two sides were tied 2 for 2.

The two sides fought quite fiercely in the early stage. The first wave of Oner’s nightmare ultimate move was given to the bottom lane in 8 minutes. Hope Aphelios was directly killed in battle. T1 accepted the little dragon Lucian and ate tapi, and JDG switched to the vanguard and released it on the top lane. , let 369 eat a blood tower.

In 14 minutes, the two sides placed a single on the Imperial City PK. Captain Zeus was too hasty and failed to choose a big move such as pulling. Instead, he flashed forward and wanted to force a fire knife to complete the single-eater, and was successfully locked by 369 crocodiles to complete the counter-kill.

But T1’s pressure in the second half of Yagao’s czar obviously couldn’t keep up with Li Ge’s Ryze, JDG couldn’t stand it, Kanavi was killed, and the first tower in the bottom road was pulled out by T1. The second pioneer is controlled by JDG, who is leading in the upper half.

At 17 and a half minutes, JDG took the second pioneer to advance, the Czar Yagao entered the field and pushed back to the T1 wild assistant, directly playing two flashes, the flank 369 Crocodile seized the opportunity to complete the single cut to Captain Zeus, but in the end he was unable to go. Dropped, JDG won a small victory in a wave of one-for-two.

20 minutes into the Xiaolong regiment, Luna went straight to the face, and JDG wanted to counterattack, but 369 Crocodile entered the field and was punished directly on the spot, almost motionless, was killed by T1, T1 followed the trend and completed the pursuit, killing the JDG duo in a row , to get the advantage of the number of T1 and move to the big dragon, JDG can only catch the order Li Ge and win the small dragon, it is a stop loss.

In 22 minutes, T1 led the big dragon BUFF to advance. Although JDG’s first move was pulled by T1, many people were left with blood, but T1 chose to chase and enter the tower, allowing Yagao to seize a wave of opportunities to push back the two of T1. Good news came from 369 on the road. The crocodile completed the single meal of Li Ge, and then TP helped JDG to lift the head of Namei from the front. JDG completed 2 for 4 to regain a lot of economy.

Since then, the operation of T1 has worked again. The bottom road assembled to unplug the JDG bottom road highland, and also seized the opportunity to kill Kanavi. On the road, Brother Li switched out and successfully countered the 369 crocodiles. The economy pulled to 4K.

In 27 minutes, JDG Ueno resolutely took the lead to force Ryze, who was single led by Brother Li. Although he was the first to kill, Captain Zeus even shot an explosive AOE with a barrel, and Lucian also completed the pull with all his strength. In the end, JDG took the lead in killing one opponent in seconds. 3 for 4 small win.

In 30 minutes, T1 directly Rush the dragon, and a set of continuous control directly crippled Foyego. Kanavi wanted to kill the wild monster to suck blood, but was directly arrested and killed by Lucian, the front Li Ge Ruiz flashed and kept people, and Captain Zeus even barreled again. Exploding AOE, T1 quickly broke through JDG head-on to complete a wave of 0 for 5 to end the game.

According to the data after the game, although Captain Zeus was targeted badly, he still delivered the highest output in the game. The wonderful performance of the barrels in the team battle did give JDG a great threat to the back row.

The MVP was given to Lu Bu’s Lucian.