S12 semi-finals: LPL’s only seedling JDG faces triple crown champion T1, LPL once again enters the “fear of Korea era”

On October 30th, Beijing time, the first semi-final of League of Legends S12 will be played between JDG and T1. As the number one seed and only seedling in our LPL division, JDG has pinned all their hopes. On the contrary, at the beginning of the S12 World Championship, even though the JDG team was the top seed in the LPL, compared with the other three LPL teams, the attention and even expectations of the water friends for JDG were pitifully low.

Today, JDG has become the hope of the whole village, and countless LPL players are looking forward to JDG being able to get the script of EDG in S11 and winning the championship with “one wear and three”. The first place in front of JDG is the triple crown team T1 led by Faker. The domestic professional e-sports forecasting agency believes that the index of JDG is 2.07 and the index of T1 is 1.76.

Looking back on the previous schedule, T1 is the most competitive team in the LCK division, surpassing the top seed GEN. The terrifying power of Zeus on the road gives people a Theshy feeling of the S8 period, so terrifying. The competitive state of 369 is also full, and the handle 9 is firmly on the top. With the excellent performance of Brother 9, JDG has indeed opened up the situation on the road. However, in the face of the bottomless hero pool and the strongest top laner Zeus in the LCK, it is extremely difficult for 369 to suppress Zeus. In other words, it is difficult for JDG to make a breakthrough from the top lane.

In the middle road, as JDG’s biggest toothpaste, it is another major guarantee for JDG. It is a pity that toothpaste is facing Faker this time. Although Faker’s competitive state has declined in recent years, as a triple crown champion and an old fritter, Faker has no problem in stabilizing his alignment with the toothpaste! This means that it is also difficult for JDG to open up the situation from the middle.

What’s more embarrassing is JDG’s bot lane combination. It’s not that Hope+Missing’s strength is not good, but from the S12 game, LPL’s bottom lane combination is relatively a bit watery. Personally, I feel that this has something to do with the hero pool. Looking at the world’s major competitions, no one plays hard support heroes more than our LPL support, but at this stage, the most popular in S12 is the soft support. On the contrary, the LCK region has the advantage of the version, and even they have developed alchemy, Ashe and other assistants. Hero pools and bot lane tactical systems are incomparable to JDG or the entire LPL.

The only one who has the upper hand may be the jungler Kanavi. There is no doubt that JDG can only rely on Kanavi when other paths are unable to obtain an advantage or even a disadvantage. Oner’s style is more team-oriented, which means that Kanavi may have an advantage if both junglers are fighting in the jungle.

All in all, JDG against T1 was an extremely difficult match for JDG. Although JDG has been continuously expanding the tactical system under the careful guidance of the Redmi coach, when it really encounters an evenly matched opponent, the wild core is still the biggest guarantee for JDG. Good luck to JDG.