S12 semi-finals: 369 Stones have no success! JDG was pulled back by T1 to the extreme!

On October 30, 2022, JDG played against T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 global finals. In the first game of the two teams, JDG, with the multi-core lineup and the wonderful performance of the later team battle, let T1’s strong lineup return without success, and won a good start.

The first game: S12 semi-finals: team battle invincible JDG! Yagao Taliyah MVP helps JDG Lectra T1 win a good start

Second round BP:

T1 replaced Silas’ BAN position and pressed Foyego, and still chose to grab the Luna combination, and the third hand was to point out Ryze to fight against Silas who was offered to JDG.

The key to the last two hands is the choice of the top and the jungle. JDG confidently locks the Queen of the Void for Kanavi first. T1 points out the entry of Zeus’s Yone and the jungler Bobbi to Counter JDG’s middle field. In the last hand, 369 locks the Stoneman to make up for the strongest. One-handed group.

Competition stage:

The upper limit of the duo team of the two sides will fight against each other, but Luna really doesn’t have much to say at the first level. Missing Lulu helps Aphelios win a blood in consecutive Q, and the two sides complete the AD exchange for JDG for a small profit.

Then JDG Nakano made a shot in the middle. Although Oner’s presence helped Li Ge delay for a long time to complete the tower delivery, it was still a small profit for JDG.

In 7 minutes, both Naka and wild supported the bottom lane at the same time. JDG grabbed the lane and took the lead in controlling the dragon. Although Oner Bobby grabbed Xiaolong, he couldn’t retreat, and Hope gave him another head.

In the follow-up T1, when many people lacked flash, they could only let go of the vanguard. After JDG controlled the vanguard, they chose to switch the duo to the top lane.

In 11 minutes, 369 hit the bottom road and wanted to cooperate with Kanavi, but Oner squatted behind him, kept the Stoneman, and cooperated with Yone’s big move to complete the counterattack to kill 369, and then Yagao supported the bottom road and wanted to cooperate with Kanavi. The tower, but Oner’s Poppy slammed into the bottom wall of the tower until Silas completed the kill.

After that, JDG took control of the second dragon, and Kanavi swam all the way from the bottom to the top to cooperate with Silas to successfully catch Li, who was single, and won the head.

In 15 minutes, JDG let go of the second pioneer and asked 369 to mention the first blood tower in the bottom road. Zeus Yone wanted to attack 369 in the bottom road, but he made a big move. After JDG’s midfield support arrived, he cooperated with 369 to complete the counter-kill.

T1 got the second pioneer and killed Aphelios in the middle. Ryze took the second pioneer all the way to the Highland Tower, and T1 got a 1K economic lead with the second pioneer’s offensive.

At 18 and a half minutes, JDG took the lead in the dragon pit to get the dragon. 369 took the opportunity to flash the big move and hit the T1 duo, but unfortunately the follow-up damage failed to keep up, and JDG failed to get the head.

20 and a half minutes, the 369 Stoneman was too deep and did not choose the ultimate move to retreat for the first time. He was the first to die after completing the encirclement by T1, but later Lu Bulu Zian wanted to pursue, but was retained by the backhand Yongshuang of Yagao Selaska’s vision to help JDG completed a wave of one-for-one.

After 22 minutes and a half, the two sides fought in the bot lane, and T1 seized the opportunity of the JDG personnel to go home and quickly assembled in Dalongken to get Dalong.

However, the follow-up Dalong advance T1 was seized by JDG and defeated each of them. The 369 big move hit the wave ratio and killed it first. Then Missing Lulu flashed into a sheep and forced to keep Lucian and successfully completed the kill. dragon.

T1 is a single belt of iron core, and the middle and top cooperate to kill 369 who is defending in the top lane and unplug the top lane.

Since then, T1 has successively completed single-point breakthroughs. Lucian’s set in the middle directly swept Aphelios to death. The opening of the Stoneman’s group of 369 in the bottom was avoided by Li Ge’s stopwatch. With the support of T1 teammates, T1 killed JDG’s middle auxiliary, and continued Unplug the second tower of JDG’s bottom road and the highland of the middle road, and the economy is quickly pulled to 5K by T1.

After that, T1 relied on the advantages of the upper and middle lanes to take Dalong twice, and pinched the JDG Fenglong Soul, while JDG captured Zeus in the top lane.

In 31 minutes, JDG wanted to make a desperate move after TP of 369 Stoneman. Although JDG took the lead to kill Nami, Li Gereiz directly drove to steal the house, forcing JDG to have to split up and return to defense. Zeus hit JDG with his big move. , cooperated with Lucian’s output to complete the counter-attack, and T1 completed a one-for-three frontal. Although the resurrection of the crystal prevented a wave of T1, JDG has already lost some momentum.

In the follow-up, although JDG took the lead in killing Brother Li who was driving too deep, the front was still pulled by T1, and he was beaten by T1 to end the game.

After the game data, T1 made a decisive decision and quickly opened the situation after Rush Dalong succeeded. The simultaneous pressure of several lines finally made it difficult for JDG to finish the game. In the end, the team battle lineup was powerful and could not be beaten by T1 to tie the score.

MVP goes to Yone of Zeus.