S12 semi-final: T1 slashed 30 to 7 heads, crushed JDG, made 1 chase 3 and advanced to the final!

#League of Legends S12 Global Finals# On October 30, 2022, in the semi-finals of the S12 Global Finals, JDG played against T1. In the first three games, JDG was the first to win a game, and was continuously completed by T1’s Rez Luna system. Pulling to win two games in a row took the lead to get the match point, can JDG, who was forced to the edge of the cliff, fight back?

The first game: S12 semi-finals: team battle invincible JDG! Yagao Taliyah MVP helps JDG Lectra T1 win a good start

The second game: S12 semi-finals: 369 Stones have no success! JDG was pulled back by T1 to the extreme!

Game 3: S12 semi-finals: Zeus sent the highest output T1 to win JDG to get the match point even though he was beaten alone

Fourth round BP:

The top three BAN positions in T1 did not change. JDG chose to press Luna and Li Ge’s Ryze, grabbed the pig girl with one hand, and then pointed out Kanavi’s Void Queen as a match. T1 is to get the long-handed double C of Verus and the Tsar, and the jungler to get Foyego.

In the last two hands, T1 took the lead in showing Renata, strengthening the defense and pulling, while JDG won the very few Jin in this S game as AD. .

Competition stage:

Although the JDG duo took the lead in the second tie, Keria Renata resolutely flashed back to pull Karma back with the output of Verus and successfully eliminated Missing in seconds to help the T1 duo take the lead again and get the first blood, 4 minutes, Oner The bot lane shot out Jhin’s flash, and the JDG duo’s plan to suppress them almost went bankrupt.

6 minutes T1 relied on the lane power of the middle and lower lanes to easily control Xiaolong, 7 minutes, JDG variation, 369 Pig Girl walked directly to the bottom lane and cooperated with Missing Karma’s chain to keep people, and firmly connected to the big move to help JDG down Lu beat the disadvantage and got Renata’s head.

In 9 minutes, both sides of the vanguard team played an extreme pull, and JDG took the vanguard in the chaos, but Renata’s backhand big move was very effective, allowing Oner’s ruined king to live for a long time. In the end game, both sides also beat many people After completing the tragic head exchange of 3 for 2, pull it away.

After that, JDG released Pioneer on the road to let 369 eat a blood tower, and the pressure on the bottom road of T1 was successfully resolved by JDG. In 14 minutes, Keria Renata’s big move to the next wall directly made the JDG duo have no way to retreat, and played a double kill directly on the line.

14 and a half minutes JDG attacked Li Ge first in the middle, but Li Ge launched a big move before he died. Oner Ruined King rushed to complete the continuous soul collection. T1 played a wave of one for three. Wave JDG’s group destroy.

In 16 minutes, the second vanguard group, although JDG took the lead in winning the vanguard, but failed to get a kill in the frontal opening group. Renata’s backhand big move hit the four JDG players, and T1 took advantage of the situation to complete the chase and hit a wave of 0 for 4.

At 17 and a half minutes, JDG continued to choose to start a team, but the frontal team battle was no longer T1’s opponent. Li Ge’s big move pushed back the three of JDG, helping T1 play a wave of one-for-five, and directly play a 5K economic lead.

After that, JDG, which had completely collapsed, was ruthlessly crushed by T1. In the end, T1 crushed the game with an exaggerated head ratio of 30 to 7 and took the lead in advancing to the finals!

According to the data after the game, T1 quickly opened up the economic gap after the second pioneer team won a complete victory. JDG’s desperate opening team was easily resolved by T1 to gain a larger lead, and finally crushed the game with a more exaggerated head ratio.

The MVP was finally given to the “auxiliary core” Keria, and Renata’s superb operation became a sharp knife to defeat JDG.