S12: LCK is sure to win the championship! Deft led the team to fight against Chidi to reach the final spot

On October 31st, Beijing time, the League of Legends S12 World Championship ushered in the second semi-final. Just like the final of this S competition is the LCK civil war, this semi-final is also a “family affair” in the LCK division: GEN vs. DRX.

GEN and DRX are veteran teams in the LCK, but the veteran teams are also different. Chovy’s GEN team is the top seed in the LCK region, and DRX led by Deft is the fourth seed in the LCK. For this game, domestic professional e-sports forecasting agencies are more optimistic about GEN: the index of DRX is 4.72, and the index of GEN is 1.19.

For both GEN and DRX, this game has a reason to win. GEN, who broke the curse of the uncrowned king, is more eager to prove himself with a world championship trophy, and by the way, he blocked the mouths of some water friends who were still dissatisfied with GEN>T1 in the LCK Summer Finals zero seal T1. For DRX, or directly for Deft, this S competition is very likely to be the year that it is closest to the S crown.

As the only seedling of Samsung, Deft is still fighting for his dream in the background of veteran players such as MATA and DADE. But in the past two years, Deft has always expressed his intention to retire. Deft already indicated that he would retire two years ago. He never expected to play in the HLE team for another season, and then return to his old club DRX. What is even more unexpected is that Deft Dream back to S4 and advance to the semi-finals of the S competition again! For Deft, who has long planned to retire, it feels like a dead tree in spring. In this context, Deft’s desire for the final is far more than anyone else’s.

Against Deft will be another world-class player Rluer, both of whom have a wealth of tournament experience and extraordinary strength. In the current World Championship version, which is biased towards the auxiliary core, when the AD of the two sides is evenly matched, the auxiliary becomes the key to victory. Beryl and Lehends both have a very deep hero pool, and even have their own black technology. This means that the game between the two sides will be extremely exciting. Maybe whoever can come up with more bot systems or black technology will lead the team to the finals!

Friends, do you think Deft can lead DRX and defeat the mighty GEN to advance to the finals?