Russian media:Russian Black Sea Fleet repelled Ukrainian drone attack, U.S. drones reconnaissance nearby for hours

[Global Network Report] According to RIA Novosti, the mayor of Sevastopol Razvozayev posted on the social platform Telegram on the 29th that the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships repelled the innumerable ships in Sevastopol Bay. Human-machine attack, but fortunately no facilities in Sevastopol were attacked. The “Russian Daily” directly stated in the report that the drone involved was a Ukrainian military drone. When it launched an attack in the Sevastopol Bay, an American “Global Hawk” unmanned reconnaissance aircraft was nearby. Fly over neutral waters.

RIA Novosti reported that Razvozayev posted on Telegram on the 29th, “The Black Sea Fleet repelled the drone attack in the waters where the Sevastopol Bay is located, and no facilities in the city were attacked. We Keep calm and the situation remains under control.” Razvozayev also said later in the day that the Sevastopol air defense system had been fighting off drone attacks for several hours and that “all enemy drones have been shot down.”

“Russia”: A U.S. drone was near Sevastopol when the Ukrainian armed forces launched an attack (flying)

According to the “Russian Daily” report, a U.S. “Global Hawk” unmanned reconnaissance aircraft flew over the nearby neutral waters when the Ukrainian drone involved in the attack in the Sevastopol Bay. The report also said that the relevant information of the aircraft flight status real-time monitoring website “Flightradar24” shows that the call sign of the US drone is FORTE10, which took off from NATO’s air base in Sicily, Italy.

In addition, RIA Novosti also reported that relevant information on the “Flightradar24” website shows that a U.S. Air Force RQ-4B “Global Hawk” unmanned reconnaissance aircraft has been “circling” over the neutral waters of the Black Sea near Crimea for several hours , the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft took off from Sicily. RIA Novosti also accompanied the “Flightradar24” website with an infographic about the drone and a picture of an aircraft.

RIA Novosti reported that an American RQ-4B “Global Hawk” unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that took off from Sicily had been “circling” over the neutral waters of the Black Sea near Crimea for several hours.