Russian Defense Ministry: Royal Navy officials involved in terror attack on Nord Stream

(Observer Network News) A month after the explosion of the key Nord Stream project to transport natural gas to Europe, Russia has pointed the finger at the United Kingdom, accusing British Royal Navy officials of terrorism.

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on October 29, Moscow has classified the “North Stream” pipeline explosion as an international terrorist incident. The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on the 29th, saying, “According to the information obtained, the representatives of the Royal Navy participated in the planning, organization and implementation of the terrorist operation in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022, resulting in the ‘Nord Stream-1’ and ‘Nord Stream-1′ -2’ Gas pipeline exploded.”

Screenshot of the report

The British “The Independent” and Reuters both emphasized in their reports that Russia directly accused a NATO member of participating in the attack on Russia’s important infrastructure, but has not provided relevant evidence. The British Ministry of Defense declined to comment immediately.

From September 26 to 28, at least 4 leaks were found in the “Nord Stream-1” and “Nord Stream-2” natural gas pipelines located in the waters near Denmark and Sweden. Two underwater explosions occurred in the area where the gas leaked, according to seismologists at Sweden’s National Seismological Network. Norwegian researchers say the leak could result in the release of at least 80,000 tonnes of methane into the ocean and atmosphere.

The Swedish Security Agency said on October 6, local time, that after on-site investigations, the department found evidence that an explosion had occurred at the leak point of the “North Stream” pipeline, which increased that the pipeline leak was due to “serious deliberate damage”. possibility. But Sweden refused to form a formal joint investigation team with Denmark and Germany. On the 14th, Sweden said that the content of the investigation results currently in its possession is too sensitive to be shared with other EU countries.

On the 18th, Danish police said that preliminary investigations indicated that the leak was caused by a “strong explosion”.

Neither country has allowed Russia to participate in the investigation. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that unless Russian experts are involved in the investigation, Russia will not admit any “false results” of the investigation into the Nord Stream accident. If Russian experts are refused to participate in the investigation, the Russian side will think that the relevant country has concealed something or is covering the perpetrators of the terrorist act.

While various parties have divided opinions on the “mobs behind”, the Kremlin has repeatedly said that the accusation that Russia is responsible for the accident is “foolish”. Russian officials also say Washington has a sabotage motive because it wants to sell more LNG to Europe. The United States also denies involvement.

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