Russia warns the West: Ukraine may use dirty bombs, what is the risk to the United States?

In recent days, the possible use of dirty bombs in Ukraine has become the focus of global attention.

So what is a dirty bomb? A dirty bomb, also called a radioactive bomb, is a weapon that spreads radioactive material over a wide area. Through the huge explosive force generated by detonating traditional explosives, the contained radioactive particles are ejected and scattered into the air, causing dust pollution equivalent to nuclear radioactivity, resulting in catastrophic ecological damage. Unlike conventional nuclear weapons, dirty bombs do not produce nuclear explosions. However, the radioactive particles caused by it will spread and cause harm to the human body.

Following Defense Minister Shoigu, the Russian Chief of General Staff, General Gerasimov, had a simultaneous telephone conversation with the United States and the United Kingdom. The Russian Defense Ministry has again warned the United States and the United Kingdom that the Kyiv regime may use a “dirty bomb” to attack Russia.

According to the Russian military service, Gerasimov spoke by phone with Admiral Radar King, the UK’s chief of defence staff, and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. The main topic of discussion was Ukraine’s use of low-yield nuclear or dirty bombs to prepare for provocation.

In addition, Russia has sent a corresponding letter to the UN Secretary-General. In the letter, Moscow warned Kyiv of plans to use dirty bombs for provocation. Russia has also warned the West that it must not ignore Moscow’s warnings, which could lead the West to actually cross a red line.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said he did not believe Ukraine was making dirty bombs, and the Pentagon also denied Ukraine was doing such work.

It is very strange that the defense ministers of Western countries have collectively denied the possibility of Ukraine using dirty bombs. They launched a collective response: I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything, I don’t know anything, I just don’t believe it. In fact, in doing so, the West indirectly confirmed Russia’s warning.

As long as you have normal thinking, you can understand that Russia cannot issue a warning without intelligence information to support it. Russia does not want to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to retaliate against Ukraine’s use of dirty bombs, because Russia has included four places in Ukraine into its territory.

Let me emphasize one more point: Ukraine, even with some nuclear technology, experts and materials, would not be able to produce such a high-quality dirty bomb in a wartime situation in the short term that the expert community has no doubt that the West is secretly helping to produce it. Because, in the republics of the former Soviet Union, all natural uranium enrichment enterprises suitable for use in reactors and nuclear munitions are built in Russia. In the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, there are only mining and processing plants whose main task is to supply uranium concentrates to Russian companies producing uranium metal.

Western countries have also overlooked one point: as long as they provide Ukraine with nuclear materials to make dirty bombs, they are completely detectable. Dirty bombs can be monitored by detecting samples of the surrounding land, water and air with an accuracy of a point on the map. It can then also be analyzed from which reactor the material of the dirty bomb was obtained, from which mine the uranium ore was obtained, and at which plant the enriched uranium was obtained, as each material has its own unique isotopic composition. Even if the West is careful, it is ultimately impossible to conceal the origin of the fissile material.

For example, in the products of US nuclear weapons explosions, the metal promethium is relatively high, which is relatively rare in the products of other countries’ nuclear explosions, because this is a characteristic of the equipment of US enrichment uranium plants.

For reactors, the situation is almost the same. Examining the isotopic composition of the waste will reveal where the fuel rods were made, from which batch, to whom and when, as all these details are carefully documented by the manufacturer.

Therefore, Ukraine will not be able to conceal the donors of the dirty bomb.

Another important component in the production of dirty bombs is the shell of the ammunition, which is also a high-tech product. Without the help of Western nuclear-armed states, Ukraine would simply not have been able to build a dirty bomb, even with the participation of all the employees of the Kyiv Institute of Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Well, once Ukraine uses the dirty bomb, it will prove that the United States and the United Kingdom have fallen into a state of hysteria. Because only the United States and Britain can help Ukraine make dirty bombs. In this way, the direction of the Russian-Ukrainian war is a global catastrophe. And the United States needs this to happen. This is the “way of a strong country” for the United States. This is the origin of “America will not die, the world will never have a peaceful day”.