Russia says it hit multiple targets in Ukraine, Ukraine says it attacked Russian ships

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a battle report on October 29, local time, saying that in the past day, in the direction of Kupyansk, the Russian army repelled Ukrainian reinforcements and foreign mercenaries. In the Kharkiv region, the Russian Aerospace Forces used missiles to destroy two sets of the US-made “Haimas” multiple-barrel rocket launcher system and the weapons warehouse of the Ukrainian army. In the Kherson area, the Russian army destroyed the Ukrainian “Buk-M1” air defense missile system and the US-made M777 howitzer through drones. In the Nikolayev region, Russian fighter jets shot down a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighter jet.

On the 29th, Ukrainian media released a video of an unmanned ship attacking the port of Sevastopol in the early morning of the same day. Video footage showed at least three Russian surface ships being hit. The Ukrainian side said it included the “Admiral Makarov” frigate. In addition, the video also shows Russian helicopters trying to intercept and shoot down the unmanned ship. The Russian Defense Ministry said the Ukrainian army sent drones and unmanned ships to attack ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships anchored in the port of Sevastopol, causing damage to a minesweeper.

Source: CCTV News