Running: Be Your Own Lone Ranger!

Today the students complained to me:

         The running groups that can’t make you progress are all to join in the fun. As long as you get tired of it, you will choose to retreat bravely. I don’t like to raise flags and shout slogans. Of course, the 6 allocation is torture for me. Running in this comfort zone all day long. Some people persist in it for eight years and still can’t run a marathon. This is a bit of a failure, so , I don’t like messing around like this, I still want to break through myself, strive to be within my ability, and break through the third in the whole horse!

I smiled and told him that everyone’s pursuits are different. They join the group to enjoy the atmosphere of running and fitness together, and they don’t care about the results. Of course, they never considered running a marathon. Even if they were assigned 6, they could run well Very happy, it can be said that the child is not a fish, and the joy of knowing the fish! We cannot save others by ourselves. Sometimes, it’s better to be alone than everyone! Even running with the running group is actually quite good. Don’t hold on to other people’s braids. Running a group has the joy of running a group, and individual running is also exciting alone. Each cabbage and radish has its own love, and no one should dislike the other. If you have good talent and outstanding ability, and do not delay work and family, please boldly go to your future. Not to mention breaking the third, even if you break the fourth, it is very amazing! After all, I haven’t lost my job, and my body is almost in good shape. How can I be happy and run!

I rarely join a running team, but I am willing to share. The traditional injury-free running method can help more people avoid injuries, which is also a matter of great merit. Now many running groups are basically commercialized! Form is greater than content, and running fitness has become a decoration. The real high-quality running group does not lie in the number of people, but in high quality. There are about ten people in our team, with similar paces and similar jobs. Usually we can get together and know each other well. As long as we enter the track, we basically lead each other and break each other’s winds. Some people like to run silently in their own world, and don’t want to be disturbed by others, including us. Most of the time, we just run by ourselves, and we only practice together when the competition is approaching. After all, people are lonely, and so is running. One person, one road, running alone is more like a person’s practice. We will eventually go through these three stages: one person runs aimlessly ~ ~ ~ joins the running group ~ ~ exits the running group, and runs alone. When you are alone, you can also complete the check-in with high quality, which is actually a realm.

Now the epidemic is unstable, events are suspended, and the postponement of marathon events has become the main theme. We are used to it! It’s been a long time coming! Marathon is not a necessity, but daily exercise should still be adhered to. Yesterday, I specially packed up my autumn coat and outer pants, washed them repeatedly with soap, and dried them on the balcony. Now, without the urging of others, as long as the alarm clock rings, I will quickly put on my running clothes and sneakers, go to the track, and start my lonely journey, which is also a spiritual journey. Every step is so firm and powerful, and sometimes there is a little struggle. As long as we persevere and feel that there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome, we will feel refreshed and refreshed after running. What we want is this strength. Now we all start to be our own loners! Listen to the voice of the body, no matter how many distributions, you can find your own happiness. Running is like this, there is no need to compete with yourself, many things vary from person to person. The most difficult thing in running is to stick to the original intention. When you run, comparisons become a trend. There are great gods in the group who set the pace, and a row of thumbs swishly praised them. They thought they were the king and satisfied a certain degree of vanity; in fact, these When the ethereal things reach a certain level, we will not see them at all. Everyone is unique, and everyone has his brilliance, so, what you have, I may not be rare; what I have, you may not be able to get it, don’t compare, just be yourself.