Runners “take a warning”: running muscle legs are “really ugly”

Inscription: Many people fall in love with running because they are attracted by the benefits of running. It is not difficult to find that some runners around, especially female runners, are indeed a beautiful landscape. The moment they put on vests and short skirts , What you can see from them is sunshine and self-confidence. However, this is all based on the premise of running correctly. In fact, many people are surprised to find that after running for a period of time, they are not developing towards the ideal state, but some things they do not want to see happen to them. For example, girls are the most Fear of the “muscle legs”, which mainly refers to the muscles of the calf, that is really ugly.

First of all, we want to emphasize that muscular legs do not refer to the kind of slender and linear muscles, but to make people feel that on the originally symmetrical legs, the muscles of the calf are abnormally hypertrophic, which is not very beautiful from the sensory point of view. Not to mention that for those beauty-loving ladies, it’s just disastrous, and once it’s formed, it’s hard to get rid of it for a while. Imagine a girl wearing a white dress with muscular legs. This picture is a bit incongruous. After all, many people still can’t appreciate the beauty of King Kong Barbie. At this time, many people are curious whether running will inevitably cause muscle legs, and the answer is definitely no.

When it comes to muscle legs, it must be closely related to the stretching after running. We have also mentioned many times in the previous articles. After running, we have to spend one-third of the running time to stretch, but it is too big. Most ordinary runners can’t do it. Many people stretch after running, and then go home to do other things, which has buried hidden dangers for the muscles and legs. The correct way is that we stretch the thigh surface, the back of the thigh and the calf very well, and after stretching, we can feel the obvious relaxation of the muscles. This feeling is still very comfortable, so long-term development like this A good habit, the muscular legs will not appear at all.

Muscular legs are the disadvantages of runners running, and it is a profound lesson. For beginners, one must not lose sight of the other. No one will think that muscular legs are beautiful, so we must listen to some suggestions, and don’t wait until it becomes unacceptable. After the consequences, I regret it too much. Of course, we can’t have muscle legs, but we also need to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and waist and abdomen appropriately. It is destined to run not far, and I hope runners can learn from it and run out of beautiful figures.