Runners here! 2022 Chongqing Marathon registration channel opens

The 2022 Chongqing Marathon is about to start. (Data map) Photo courtesy of the organizer Chongqing Client News (Qiu Xiaoya) Today (28th), registration for the 2022 Changan Automobile Chongqing Marathon opens. The race will start at 8:00 on November 27th at Nanbin Road, Chongqing City.

2022 Heavy Horse will set up 3 projects for the whole Malaysia (42.195 kilometers), mini (5 kilometers), and parent-child (4.2 kilometers), with a scale of 30,000 people. Registration for the competition starts at 10:00 on the 28th, and ends on November 7th. The qualifications will be announced on November 10th. There will be no lottery for the registration of mini run and parent-child run, first-come, first-served. Competitors can register through the official website of the event or the Chongqing Marathon and Chongqing Chongma Sports WeChat official accounts .

This competition is limited to areas where the epidemic is normalized. 7 days before the start of the competition (10 days for overseas returnees), those who have no history of living in low, medium or high risk areas will register for the competition. All contestants must provide a nucleic acid negative certificate 48 hours before receiving the items, and those returning to Chongqing must also provide a nucleic acid negative certificate 48 hours before arriving in Chongqing. The contestant’s Yukang code and itinerary card will be verified on the day of receiving the items and the event. The green code and the venue code will be scanned before entering the designated area.

In this competition, there will be a ranking award, a Chongqing citizen group award and a record-breaking award for the whole-Malaysian project. Among them, the first place in the competition will be awarded within 02:13:00 (exclusive) for men and 150,000 yuan for women if it is within 02:30:00 (exclusive), and for men at 02:13:00 (inclusive) In addition, the women’s score outside 02:30:00 (inclusive) will be rewarded with 75,000 yuan; the first place in the Chongqing citizen group men and women will be rewarded with 3,000 yuan; the best record of the men’s score in the breaking competition is within 02:09:49 (exclusive). If the female is within 02:22:41 (exclusive), the reward will be 100,000 yuan. The record of the Chinese national players in the breaking event will be within 02:11:41 (exclusive) for males and 02:22:41 (exclusive) for females. , the reward is 50,000 RMB.

It is reported that Chongma is the first all-horse race in western China. The Binjiang Circuit has beautiful scenery, passing through 7 Yangtze River Bridges, Chaotianmen, Yanyu Park and many other historical and cultural landscapes. The road is flat and the altitude difference is small, which is convenient for players to create personal best results. (PB). After more than ten years of development, Chongma has become an international gold standard, a “double gold event” for Chinese gold medals and a Chinese marathon grand slam event.

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