Runners “big fanfare”: running should dress “low-key”

Inscription: A pair of handsome glasses, a brightly colored vest, a latest sports watch, a short skirt that fits well, and the latest shoes, which may be pink or green. There will also be some decorative necklaces around the necks of the people. I believe that such an image has already been impressed in the minds of runners, and most of us are familiar with such images on some elite runners. I have to say that this has become a Their standard configuration, of course, is indeed handsome enough, so many people are willing to imitate them, but for ordinary runners, this kind of dress is indeed a bit “big fanfare”.

Most ordinary runners dress as ordinary as she is an ordinary runner. First of all, for the runner herself, she may not know whether she can keep running all the time, so at first, many people were “working together” , shoes are cheap, and shorts and short sleeves are also cheap to buy online. Some people are even reluctant to buy sports watches. At most, they rely on the mobile phone APP to record the data of each run. reality. Over time, we run with confidence, so we may look more like runners at this time, and we don’t wear stretch pants when it’s a little cold.

We are also more purposeful when buying shoes. For example, after listening to the suggestion of a certain runner, we want a certain brand of shoes. Of course, the more recent the price is, the more expensive it is. We are no longer satisfied with using mobile phones to record running. Obviously, the data of sports watches is more comprehensive. Similarly, the price will be repelled by a wave of people. The price of watches with louder brands is around 3,000, or even higher. So running has the reputation of being a sport for the rich, but for us ordinary runners, we don’t need the latest running shoes and watches, because for us, performance is only a small aspect.

As the name suggests, the latest running shoes and watches for running must be the highest in terms of appearance, but we ordinary runners should still focus on the benefits. Of course, the kind of sports glasses for running are actually even more unnecessary. Generally, only those who run at a fast enough pace may be more suitable when the oncoming wind is relatively strong. When the runners run exhausted, their faces are still quite “evil”. The “low-key” of running dress is the virtue of saving. We should never forget the original intention of our running, so that we will not put the cart before the horse.