Rumor: “Silent Hill 2 Remake” PS5 exclusive 12 months may be released tomorrow morning

The uncle What If Gaming, who has accurately disclosed the test time of “Call of Duty” before, and the Switch version of “Double” has just revealed the details of the new “Silent Hill” that will be announced tomorrow morning. They also said that they have seen it and can confirm the following details The real content of:

·The game is “Silent Hill 2 Remake”

The game is produced by Bloober Team, the developers of “Psychic” and “Layer of Fear”

Provides an over-the-shoulder perspective

・The return of Yoda Ito and Akira Yamaoka

The PS5 will be exclusive for 12 months, and will also land on the PC platform (it is unclear whether it will land on the PC at the same time or after the end of the exclusive), and there is no specific release date.

The whistleblower described the footage as “amazing” and “truly next-gen”

The above contents are all rumors. For specific information, please refer to the news of the “Silent Hill” press conference at 5:00 tomorrow morning.