Ronaldo can only sit on the bench! How ruthless the Premier League’s introversion has become in the European Super League

  ”This is a terrible and disgraceful penalty! It is also the most ridiculous VAR intervention I have ever seen!”

  After the match between Chelsea and West Ham United, BBC commentator Alan Shearer said this very angrily, and what made him angry was the characterization of the action by referee Madley:

  In Alan Shearer’s view, this is definitely not a foul, because Bowen is trying to avoid the attack of Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy. The two sides did have physical contact, but it was not enough to cause Mendy to be disturbed.

  ”Mendy fell to the ground in that exaggerated way, just because he immediately realised he had made a mistake.”

  However, after looking back at VAR, Madley thought that Bowen had fouled, so this decision led to Korney’s goal being ruled out, and West Ham lost to Chelsea on the road:

  After Saturday’s game day, the penalty was immediately the focus of conversation among Premier League fans.

  Including West Ham coach Moyes, Premier League legends like Alan Shearer, and even many ordinary fans, even if they are not West Ham fans, believe that the coordination and process of the referee and the VAR system need more reforms.

  However, as Lineker said, “this will definitely not be the last (discussion of VAR)”, but apart from that, many people don’t realize that if the ball is counted as valid, Saturday’s game day The three giants who played – Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City – will only get a draw.

  And this has become the norm in the Premier League this season.

  After the Premier League started the new season, 6 rounds of matches have been played. In almost every round of matches, a strong team was in the gutter and overturned its own ship:

  In the first round, Liverpool drew 2-2 away by Fulham, and Manchester United lost 1-2 to Brighton at home;

  In the second round, Manchester United was defeated by Brentford 0-4 away, and Liverpool drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace at home;

  In the third round, Chelsea lost 0-3 away to Leeds United; Manchester City failed to win Newcastle 3-3 away;

  In the fifth round, Chelsea lost 1-2 away to Southampton, and Tottenham drew 1-1 with West Ham United.

  In the sixth round just past, even if it is not a winable Chelsea, Liverpool failed to defeat Everton, led by Lampard, who was in deep crisis of dismissal, in the Merseyside derby. Guardiola’s Manchester City, at Villa Park, gave Gerrard, who was also in poor condition, a precious 1 point.

  In addition to the fourth round, everyone defeated their opponents, sending warmth has become a collective activity of the Premier League giants this season.

  The reasons behind such a large-scale and high-frequency phenomenon of subordination are worth investigating.

  The most obvious reason is, of course, that the Premier League powerhouses themselves are in the throes of tactical changes this season. Needless to say, Manchester United, a new round of knockdown and reconstruction has begun. Manchester City and Liverpool have both added a big forward who was missing from their previous tactics. Nunes and Haaland’s integration process has been different, but the tactical impact on their respective teams is already evident.

  Chelsea not only lost a big forward-Lukaku, but also with Werner’s departure, Chelsea’s offensive line construction last season has been completely denied, and Auba was bought at the last minute of the transfer window. May Yang also explained that Tuchel’s team building task is very serious.

  Looking at a higher level, the owners have changed hands, and the comings and goings of strikers are actually nothing to the current Chelsea.

  In addition to this, changes at the rule level also have an impact.

  This season, the Premier League has adopted the rule of five substitutions for the whole game, and stipulates that substitutions at half-time are not counted in the number of times, which has given many mid- and lower-level teams more ways to maintain intensity.

  During the game, the mid-stream and downstream teams can use more substitution methods to try their best to maintain the physical state of the players on the court. Although substitutions will also lead to a decline in tactical integrity, on the field of play, weak teams are mostly in a defensive and counterattack posture. Under the protection of a small space, many weaknesses are difficult to highlight. On the contrary, the tactical integrity is better. The team does not dare to use the full five substitutions easily, because this may lead to a decrease in their offensive efficiency and expose their flaws in the backcourt in a large space.

  When more of the weaker teams don’t show a significant decline in ability over time, it will naturally become more difficult for the strong teams in the Premier League to beat them easily.

  However, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, the amazing transfer window investment of the Premier League weak teams.

  At the beginning of this month, the summer transfer window of the Europa League came to an end, and various related statistics were gradually released. Eight of the top 10 European clubs with the most transfer spend throughout the summer transfer window came from the Premier League.

  Note that this number alone shows that non-BIG6 clubs are mixed into this list.

  What is even more surprising is that the non-BIG6 clubs mixed into this list are West Ham United, Nottingham Forest, Newcastle and Wolves. Among them, West Ham United’s transfer expenditure reached 164 million euros, and Nottingham Forest, which introduced as many as 21 players, spent 154 million euros, Newcastle, which is owned by the Saudi consortium, also burned 136 million euros in the first summer window.

  They spent 70 million euros to introduce the Swedish striker Isak, who has always been the focus of the Premier League’s giant clubs.

  If good players have started to join the Premier League mid-level teams, it is not surprising that the Premier League giants cannot beat them smoothly.

  Of course, these teams may not be able to invest as many resources in each summer window as traditional giants, but even if it may not be them next year, it will be other Premier League teams.

  This is the Premier League today. Through years of market operation, the overall prosperity of the Premier League has finally driven the progress of the entire league. If we use the more popular words nowadays, it can also be called involution.

  In the past few years, involution has also been reflected in the BIG6. There are always two giants who cannot win the Champions League through the league, which makes more Premier League giants appear in the Europa League finals. However, with West Ham United, Teams like Newcastle narrow the gap and join the competition, not to mention the top four in the league. If BIG6 wants to keep its top six position, they need to make more efforts.

  The phenomenon of more monks and less porridge is becoming more and more serious in the Premier League.

  For fans of the Premier League giants and giants, this is certainly bad news, but for neutral fans, this is obviously a good opportunity to watch the fun and not be too big.

  On a weekly round of game days, the traffic effect of the strong beating the weak is always the worst, because this kind of common thing cannot arouse fans’ desire to discuss, but after the strong and weak, or even the strong and the weak, the “meeting” The discussion caused by “splitting the pot” is obviously far more orders of magnitude than when the strong overcome the weak.

  It is precisely because of the fierce competition in the Premier League, coupled with the fact that the current situation of the gutter capsize may occur every round, which will further attract more fans to pay attention to the Premier League, thus forming a magical positive cycle.

  Compared with this, the Bundesliga, La Liga, and the dilapidated Serie A, which have no suspense, are really difficult to attract the attention of neutral fans.

  Dilapidated may be an ugly adjective, but this is what Galliani, the former general manager of AC Milan, said.

  When asked about the gap between Serie A and the Premier League, Galliani cited poor infrastructure as a big reason, “We have the ugliest stadium in Europe, which affects matchday revenue and TV bills. , because an ugly and empty stadium doesn’t sell well.”

  The resulting problems have led to the overall gap between Serie A and the Premier League. “The broadcast dividends of the 20 Premier League clubs are almost four times that of Serie A. Monza received 33 million euros in TV broadcast fees this year, of which 3 million Serie B has to be divided, and a team that recently made it to the Premier League can get 160 million! How can we compete with Nottingham Forest? How can we stop this economic trend?”

  Precisely because of this, Galliani believes that the Europa League, which can generate more income for European clubs, is not a bad idea, but it needs to exclude the Premier League teams from the Europa League.

  However, behind this sentence, it also reveals an obvious fact: the current Premier League has basically reached the height of the European Super League.

  Clubs such as West Ham United, Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, and Wolves now have the label of “weak team” attached to them. In terms of ability, they have very good players; in terms of investment, they are not inferior to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan. Two heroes; in terms of history, a club like Nottingham Forest has a Champions League champion in its ancestors, and its heritage is no less than the so-called traditional giants.

  Such a Premier League, how can it not be wonderful.

  However, this is just the beginning.

  West Ham United, who almost drew with Chelsea on the road, and Nottingham Forest, who spent a lot of money, are now both in the relegation zone, and Porter, who has received countless praises, is currently beating Chelsea and Liverpool.

  The Premier League has too many resources, they can attract the best players to join, and they can attract the best coaches to coach. Perhaps under such extremely fierce competition and involution, they cannot maintain such competitiveness at the Champions League level. But simply dominating the Premier League is an extremely difficult challenge.

  For the operators of the league, the Champions League final is important, but it only happens once a year. You can have the wonderful things in the Premier League every week.

  In the end, it’s a happy thing.