Romantic tea party, “Fifth Personality” Survivor Acrobat Rare Fashion Package Revelation Comes!

The feast of the castle is full of dangers under the moon. Twilight Star, hides the amazing truth! NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game “Fifth Personality” pumpkin party event will be officially launched after this week’s update, the generous thank you gifts are ready, the theme adventure activities are ready to go, autumn Night carnival, waiting for you to join!

The exclusive honor of Twilight Star attracts every guest to dance, but no one cares about the tea party next to the castle. Why not forget the eyes of the world and secretly romanticize at this wonderful moment?

Confused, the feast is about to start

From October 20th, the pumpkin party theme warm-up event will be launched. Players will pass the dance test and choose a dance partner from Black Witch-Extick, Castle Guardian-Condemnation and Mysterious Sir Quinlan to join the dance. In the plot, players The perspective, position and story direction of the dancers will all change depending on the dance partner.

Before the dance begins, the player who is the Earl’s full-time physician is responsible for setting up the venue for the open-air dinner. During the conversation with the dance partner, clues about the Twilight Star and the Book of Oracles gradually revealed, and the Earl’s true status and whereabouts were also confusing. Everyone in the castle seems to have hidden thoughts, and many people come to the banquet in order to obtain the book of the oracle. The party time is approaching, but the confusing story continues, waiting for you to unravel the mystery.

In addition to being selected as a dance partner, players can also participate in the event to obtain the bartender’s rare fashion – “Feast Dance”, the wax figure’s unique fashion – convicted, feel the charm of the first two candidate dance partners, and the style of the last candidate dance partner. , will be presented to you in the Acrobat Rare Fashion Pack “Tea Party”!

Romantic tea party, elegant and harmonious

The Acrobat Rare Fashion Pack contains Acrobat Rare Costumes-Tea Party and Rare Items-Tea Time, which will be available after the update on October 27th.

In the fashion poster released by “Fifth Personality”, the rare fashion of acrobats – tea party and rare personal items – tea time is falling to the ground, broken clocks, chaotic time and the ancient castle under the moonlight are full of magical colors; The tea set, refreshments and tea party decorations all fell together, and the tea was poured from the spout into the cup with precision. The mess was in harmony with the rules, as if everything in front of me were acrobats – the tea party was carefully arranged, just for everyone to attend the appointment. The guests returned happily from the tea party.

The dream is in a hurry, the trip is worthwhile

In the event plot, Sir Mysterious – Quinlan once hoped that he and Helen Duncan could spend a leisurely time at the banquet without losing the beauty and the trip was worthwhile, and the tea party was the gift he offered to all players, hoping that day and night People in a hurry can enjoy a moment of romance here.

The acrobat-tea party wears a gorgeous dazzling trench coat, with exquisite designs from the neckline, cuffs to the hem and waistband, and the embossed patterns and three-dimensional floral ornaments on the top hat are exquisite, which shows that he attaches great importance to dinner parties and tea parties; The golden pumpkin smiley face on the bow tie on the chest, the bat-wing decoration on the top hat and the bat-wing-shaped cape behind him have a strong Halloween style; several little rabbits cooperated with his performance obediently. The trails of , set off a warm atmosphere.

Acrobat-Tea Talk Time is a set of beautifully shaped tea sets. The white and white glaze is pure and delicate. The gold lid button and body decoration are all precious. The rabbit ears on the lid and the mustache on the cup convey humor. and fun.

In the character display interface, Bunny Ball interacted happily with the acrobat-tea party, and couldn’t wait to present a wonderful performance for the players. Various tea sets danced in the air, showing their excitement. During the chase, the acrobat threw rabbit balls of different colors and patterns, corresponding to different types of bombs, to send “surprises” to the supervisor and help teammates escape safely.

The tea party with no one to make an appointment is waiting for your arrival! NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game “Fifth Personality” acrobat rare fashion gift package “Tea Party” will be launched soon, log in to the game’s official website to see more exciting information!