Romantic belief fans collapsed, why is it so difficult for HUM to make it to the top four?

Regarding how miserable HUM will be in 2022, we have already introduced it from the aspects of competition results and total prize money. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this.

A hard fact is: From 2022 to now, in the T2 level and above competitions with Chinese and Korean players, only Chaemiko has won the fourth place in the Fuxing Cup competition. At other times, HUM’s best result is only the quarterfinals.

It can be summed up in one sentence: HUM is not seeking to win the championship, but only to enter the semi-finals.

What do you mean by this?

In life, whenever you fall into despair, God will always give you a reason to live. No, when all HUM players lost hope, Lyn God abstained from the AWL competition due to personal reasons, which also gave HUM a chance to rise again. Romance firmly seized this opportunity. As he defeated the card number in the play-offs, two HUM players appeared in the group stage, and everyone was instantly cheered up again.

15-year-old and Soin, as long as they kill one, they can advance to the semi-finals. This opportunity is really a once-in-a-lifetime, and even many romantic die-hard fans begin to imagine the myth that Romantic can create a substitute shortlist to win the championship.

But soon, the fans of HUM suffered a blow in the head. The romantic face who just defeated the card number had no chance at the age of 15. Every time they saw a little hope, they were immediately cut off. On the other hand, Chaemiko is not much better. Even if the frontal operation is stronger than Soin, it will not escape the fate of failure. In other words, if the two sides peacefully develop to a certain population and level and then start a group, HUM will not suffer, but it is a pity that it is difficult for HUM to develop smoothly. In an ideal state, half of each team battle has been lost before it even started.

The two HUM players met in the first round of the lower bracket, and you must have understood the seriousness of the matter.

Here’s another interesting little statistic. As the “Little Prince of Civil War” who used to talk and laugh with Dan Tammy, before last night’s game, Romance’s winning rate against the three major human races (Hawk, Chaemiko, Sok) in Europe and South Korea this year was 0. Although the sample number of games is small (only three games), this also shows that the level of romantic HUM civil war has declined to a certain extent.

You can’t lose a civil war if you lose, otherwise how can you shout “after all”?

Fighting Chaemiko again, Romance has fully learned the lessons of the last defeat. When seeing the opponent’s Griffin, he immediately transformed into the Dragon Eagle. He didn’t expect that the opponent played DR this time (the last time was Panda), and the Dragon Eagle happened to be defeated. DR’s silent restraint.

However, when it came to the team battle, we discovered that Romantic’s understanding was one level ahead of everyone else. Even though there was a DR silence to restrict Dragon Eagle, Chaemiko Griffin just didn’t surpass Knight Waterman. Of course, even if Griffin can just pass, Chaemiko is unlikely to win the game, after all, DR is a scumbag compared to MK PAL.

In ancient times, a mad dog fought a flying dragon, and today there is a sea of ​​romantic knights that drowns the griffins. Have you learned?

Next, the romance relied on the perfect leveling details and Tianhu treasures to beat Chaemiko to the ground, leaving the shame of being eliminated last time. Get up from where you fall, this is Romantic!

After the game, Romance also started her own “daily performance” link. He first expressed that he played a perfect game, but turned his head and said, “I’m in really bad shape, my hands are tight.”

If the state is not good, it will be like this. If the state is good, what will it be like?

The color on the sidelines said: “I can’t think of romantic points, so it is difficult for me to be like Romantic.”

What is Live Talent? That’s it. Learn it, Cai Yilin! Life-long learning!

It is gratifying that the civil war has regained its place, but this does not change the situation of romance and even HUM’s overall weakness in foreign wars. Facing Soin in the finals of the loser’s bracket, it can be said that Romance was beaten to the point of being unable to fight back.

Among them, the explosion of HUM’s main mines on TH was tragic and tragic. Soin actually played wolf riding with a huge advantage. After the base was demolished, he accelerated and retreated, just not giving romance a positive chance. It just doesn’t give people a way to live.

Romance’s inner monologue at this time is probably: Why don’t you give me a good time?

The situation in the second set was slightly better than that of TH, but it was also one-sided. There is a huge gap between the hero levels and population of the two sides (56 vs 73, double 3 hero levels play double 4), romance can’t do anything except watch his double heroes fall to the ground.

Although the scene is extremely disadvantageous, there are still many water friends who are sure that romance can win during the competition. In the words of 120, those who bet on romance are Romantic believers, as if possessed by demons (120 himself is also a believer). It’s a pity that the strength of the believers failed to help the romance carry the banner of HUM, and HUM once again missed the top four collectively.

Of course, you can’t blame Romantic for that. As the fourth ORC, Soin has won the top three in the world in the past two days. Besides HUM IMBA, what else can you do?