Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 Low-key King: These six people have reached the realm of gods, but they have to mix in the second-tier phalanx

There are two kinds of kings in this world, one kind of crown is shining, and the other kind is low-key hidden. The real world is like this, and so is the virtual game dimension. The old players of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 game only remember those outstanding masters who are on the bright side, but very few people remember the hidden masters hidden in the dark. In this issue, I will dig out these six people for everyone.

Wang Shuang: The king of heads-up fights.

Wang Shuang, who came to prominence in the late period of Cao Wei, was mainly active in the Yongliang area to fight against Zhuge Liang’s northern expedition. Wang Shuang described in Romance is quite brave. He killed the Shu generals Xie Xiong and Gong Qi in battle, and also used a meteor hammer to smash Zhang Yi into serious injuries, and was finally beheaded by Wei Yan. The game of Three Kingdoms 11 matches Wang Shuang with the stunt of the fierce, that is, the fierce who can turn Lu Bu into Lu Dai. Both A-level halberds and B-level spearmen can play the displacement effect, and Wang Shuang’s own force value is as high as 88 points, and there is a hidden weapon meteor hammer that can be thrown. Lu Bu is not sure to fight one-on-one when he is injured. Win the king double, not to mention other characters.

Zhu Huan: The king of spearmen.

Since the original historical script of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 has no spear gods, in addition to the all-round explosive generals such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Sun Ce, the first brother of the spear soldier department is Zhu Huan from the Sun Wu camp. The initial force value of 80 points gave Zhu Huan a high starting point. As long as he made three more force training courses, he could become a gun god of 95+. Zhu Huan’s command and intelligence values ​​are also there. He is a generalist with no obvious shortcomings, and he can take charge of himself.

Hao Zhao: King of the Iron Shield.

Compared with the physical hardness alone, the tengjiawuzhu bone is indeed unmatched, but if it is compared with the comprehensive hardness, it is really someone else. Wutugu’s weaknesses are low IQ and fear of fire, but Hao Zhao, who has mastered the unyielding stunt, has no hidden dangers in these two aspects. Players only need to spend some effort to improve Hao Zhao’s intelligence, and he can become a moving castle. If Unyielding can be matched with Tread, it is really hard enough to make the enemy despair.

Cao Zhang: The king of horse warfare.

Although Cao Zhang’s initial force value in the game is between the first and second ranks, the galloping stunt is really good, and even drags Cao Zhang to the first echelon in one breath. As long as the player can arrange for Cao Zhang a lieutenant with high intelligence or immune strategy control, the Cao Wei family in the north will have the final say, and the Xiliang Ma family will not dare to fight against it head-on.

Li Dian: The king of artillery.

First of all, what we can agree on is that the cannon king in the original game of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 is definitely not Huang Yueying, the god of labor, because her basic force value is really not enough. Although Le Jin and Gao Shun are equipped with siege stunts, they are still a little short from mastering the essence of artillery, mainly because the distance advantage cannot be obtained. So on the whole, although Liu Ye and Bu Zhen have their own range, they are consistent with Huang Yueying’s shortcomings. Only Li Dian, who has excellent ability and balance, is a veritable cannon king. Li Dian’s historical lifespan is very short, similar to Cao Zhang, and things like Destiny can’t be changed. It is recommended that you adjust the imaginary mode or play Hero Rally to play them for a longer time.

Li Hui: The king of conspiracy and control.

In the absence of Zhuge Liang, who else can you choose to take on the important task of strategic control? Looking at the entire Shuhan, there is only “Little Zhuge” Li Hui. In my opinion, Li Hui’s comprehensive ability is no less than Zhuge Liang, and he has S-rank crossbowmen and weapons. Players only need to concentrate on pushing Li Hui’s IQ to the height of the ceiling, he is an all-around version of Zhuge Liang, and he can do it with force, and he can handle it with ease. The above six people have clearly reached the realm of gods, but they have to mix in the second-tier square of the game, and can only wait for us to specially promote them. The interesting sharing of this issue is here, thank you for your long-term attention and support. Friends who need to reminisce about classic 311 and experience other interesting MODs, remember to build a building in the comment area.