Robotex World Robot Conference “Back to the World”

The day before yesterday, the press conference of the 2023 Robotex World Robot Conference, which has a 23-year development history and an international background, has a complete conference content and competition system, was held in Daning, Jing’an, Shanghai. As the world-renowned robot event with the most scientific and technological education in Europe, the largest number of participants, and the largest coverage, the Robotex World Robot Conference announced in Shanghai that it will fully “return to the world” in 2023. The press conference announced the annual schedule of domestic and foreign events The schedule will introduce four new competitions.

At the same time, Ouhe Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the general agent of the event in Asia, announced to officially join the Shanghai Electronic Sports Association, and reached a comprehensive cooperation with the association in the standard system of robot sports, the level certification of coaches and athletes, and competition activities. relation. In the near future, the Shanghai E-sports Sports Association will also take the lead of the association and unite the top forces of the robotics industry to launch a robotics professional working committee in accordance with the principles of specialization, standardization, and systematization. opens a new chapter. The member units of the association, Chaosports Group and JD Xingyu, have also joined this brand new technological sports project, fully integrating it with the development of their own e-sports club.

In 2011, the General Administration of Sport of China included robot sports, which use robots as competitive tools, into my country’s social sports, and defined it as China’s quality sports robot sports. The Robotex World Robot Conference is a comprehensive event integrating sports, culture, technology, intelligence and competition, including four major sections: competitive events, international forums, technology exhibitions and workshops. In terms of competitive events, there are a total of 25 competitive events in the world, with no restrictions on equipment, covering all age groups from 4 to 60 years old according to different levels. Since 2016, since the event was introduced to China by Ouhe Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., it has developed nearly 200 cooperative brands and nearly 4,000 offline institutions. More than 30 regional selection activities are held nationwide every year, and nearly 500,000 participants have been served.

The Shanghai E-sports Association has always paid attention to the cutting-edge and technological trends of e-sports events, taking advantage of the opportunity of the development of top international robotics projects, fully exploring the professional strength of the market, empowering this sport by means of standard building and system construction, and contributing to Shanghai Esports introduces new technological forces. It is reported that the Robot Professional Working Committee of the Association, which integrates the leading market forces such as well-known e-sports clubs and professional robot event companies, is already in preparation. This professional working committee will rely on the spirit of sports, use events as a platform, follow the laws of science and technology, integrate high-tech, traditional sports, media, robots, electronic components and other elements to create a new type of e-sports that is more forward-looking and technological. platform. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Ranran)