RNG was eliminated, and the sick female fan regretted “leaving”? We may all be fooled: she doesn’t exist

Preamble: Recently, regrettable things happened one after another: TES lost to GAM, eliminated in the top sixteen, EDG was beaten by two and three, and lost the qualification for the semi-finals, RNG lost zero to three and was eliminated by T1. As a result, there is only one “only seedling” JDG left in LPL, and it is not known what the result will be.

In addition to the regrets on the field, there are also sad things in life. During the RNG competition, a female fan revealed the situation. She said that she has cancer, and if she doesn’t see RNG win the championship this time, she may not see it again in the future. A female fan who is looking forward to the team’s championship and has no time to do so has attracted a lot of attention.

RNG was eliminated, and the sick female fan regretted “leaving”? We may all be fooled

RNG was eliminated on the 22nd. At 23:04 on the evening of the 25th, the aunt of the female fan “Xue Yuanyuan” posted that she had left at 22:55. This time is a bit tight, which means that within ten minutes of her leaving, the family edited the pictures and posted them directly. Therefore, some viewers became suspicious and questioned whether this matter was true.

On the 27th, Aunt Xue Yuanyuan posted again, and many people have questioned: this number does not belong to a female fan named Xue Yuanyuan, her real identity is “Fan Mingda”, and she is a big man. As for why it was questioned, there are many reasons: First, some fans added her vx and found that the certified name of the other party was not Xue Yuanyuan at all.

Second, the account “Xue Yuanyuan” has followed a lot of people. It can be seen that most of them are female anchors, and they are not the type that girls like. Most of them are showing off their feet. Obviously, this does not match the identity of “Xue Yuanyuan”. After the account, it may not be an RNG female fan, but a grandstanding male.

She doesn’t exist at all, she may actually be a big guy

Third, some fans came to “Xue Yuanyuan” herself and her aunt, hoping to give them some help. It turned out that the two people’s speaking habits and segmentation habits were exactly the same, like the same person. The fourth issue was the timing of the announcement, which was released within ten minutes of “leaving”, which seemed a little odd.

The fifth comparison is “hammer”. After a fan became suspicious, he contacted aunt “Xue Yuanyuan” many times. Before “Xue Yuanyuan leaves”, her vx background picture is the one on the left. After I deleted my friend, it became the one on the right, and it was changed at 5:00 a.m. on the 29th. If the person is gone, can I change the vx background image by myself? This “hammer” is more real, making many people realize that they may have been fooled.

RNG has a lot of lovely fans who do their best to support the team. When the players were playing, the true fans rushed to the scene and cheered the players with cheer cards. After RNG was eliminated, these fans sent encouragement and comfort to the players. And this fan who left “regret” only brought doubt and ridicule to RNG, if the incident is true.


After I personally understood the cause and effect of the incident, it felt more like a grandstanding farce. But given the sensitivity of the matter, I also don’t want to continue my analysis. Regardless of whether we are “deceived” or not, we just hope that everyone can stay away from diseases and maintain good health. At the same time, you should also support your favorite teams and players reasonably and calmly.