RNG wants to buy red rice, the left hand is worth more than Faker, LPL transfer new melon is coming, EDG has good news

Foreword: The League of Legends S12 World Championship has not yet ended, but the news of the LPL transfer period has come out one after another. Because the contracts of many players are about to expire at the end of 2022, the whereabouts of the players has become a topic of concern for LPL audiences, especially the giants and There is an endless stream of revelations related to popular players, almost one version a day. Although the authenticity of many revelations needs to be verified, it still makes the small partners who are keen to eat melons have a great time discussing, and on October 28, some more appeared. The “new melon” in the LPL transfer market involves teams such as RNG, EDG and TES. Let’s take a look.

RNG may have new faces, and there are plans to strengthen the coaching staff

There have been bad news about RNG before, but at the same time, there are also reports that RNG still plans to strengthen, there is news that RNG wants Xiao Ming to retire, and the middle is also trying to renew the contract, while GALA is being contacted by other teams, and RNG In contact with Redmi and White Crescent, I hope to strengthen the coaching staff. Judging from this World Championship, although the version is very suitable for RNG’s style of play, RNG is slow to adapt to the version. When facing T1, he was tortured by the opponent’s three systems, causing the coaching staff to be questioned. Therefore, RNG strengthened the coaching staff. , may be a multiplier approach.

Players’ worth is generally bullish, and the left-hand worth surpasses Faker

In addition, the well-known blogger’s No. 77 file revealed that the left hand’s worth has surpassed that of FAKER, and the one-year contract signing fee has reached 45 million. In addition, he also revealed that there are currently 5 players with a salary of more than 30 million, and 15 players with a salary of more than 10 million. One, it can be said that the players’ worth is generally bullish, and these revelations are beyond the players’ imagination. In everyone’s traditional impression, LPL players with an annual salary of more than 10 million can be said to be rare. Of course, this revelation also contains more or less water, because everyone knows that the salary structure of players is relatively complicated. In addition to the signing fee and salary, there are live broadcast contracts, and the live broadcast contracts of some popular players are calculated separately.

There is good news from EDG, VIPER will have a substitute?

In this World Championship, EDG failed to break through the top 8, and the road to defending the title ended early, which is regrettable. I believe everyone knows that EDG is not bad for playing this traditional giant. If a player wants to stay in the team, EDG will definitely not sell it. According to the promotional video that has been released, the LDL summer FMVP player and the ADC of the second team of EDG have been successfully registered, which also means that if VIPER chooses to leave the team, then EDG is likely to quickly promote the new ADC. If VIPER does not leave, then There is also a bench, which is good news for EDG anyway. Moreover, EDG is very good at cultivating ADCs. IBOY and HOPE are ADC players from EDG. Especially, HOPE has become one of the most eye-catching ADCs in this S competition.

personal analysis summary

Since the current transfer period has not really started, many so-called revelations or new melons are not real hammers, at best they are just the players’ talk. In particular, some news about RNG has caused a lot of heated discussion, and even said that RNG needs to be auctioned because of too much debt. However, as a former top laner of RNG, AJ also revealed during the live broadcast of a certain tooth that RNG has never been in arrears of wages, and the bonus is also It’s very generous, so it’s not all kinds of arrears of players’ wages as rumored by the outside world.

In addition, AJ also said before that RNG is the No. 4 seed in this World Championship. Everyone may have too high expectations for them, which is why RNG’s public opinion environment has changed. It is worth mentioning that AJ will also go to Xiamen with Zhang Jiawen to participate in the new season of the romantic variety show for 72 hours, and have all kinds of work with female guests. It is said that there are new female guests to join, and interested friends can also pay attention. So the final question is, do you think RNG will be able to complete new reinforcements after this transfer period?