RNG, the top LPL team, was exposed to a debt of 300 million. Beifeng broke the news: he still owes PDD money

S12 is not over yet, but everyone has already started to have ideas about the transfer period. This includes the expiration of contracts of core players in many teams. For example, all EDG members are facing the problem of contract renewal, and RNG and TES are also facing this problem. However, the economic situation this year has put a lot of pressure on many teams. Recently, it has been reported that many teams have funding problems, including RNG, IG and other teams!

A well-known big V broke the news on Weibo that the transfer period officially started on 11.22. Now some intentions are of the nature of smoke bombs and speculation. (It’s not that the current news is fake, it’s just that there will be changes in the future, and it’s good to be happy now.) For example, if someone’s contract expires and the renewal amount is unsatisfactory, let’s unite with other teams to let go of smoke Dan said that he had considered him, and then told the original team, ah, you see, if you don’t renew my contract, I will go to another team, which can increase the amount of renewal. Of course, someone may also really want to.

IG: Nothing has changed, that’s all

RNG: I have no money, I have a lot of debt, I can’t sell it, I can only inject capital, and there are changes in personnel.

WE: I plan to spend money, but I don’t know how to spend it

Seeing that RNG is out of money, many people are surprised. RNG is one of the best teams in the LPL, with high popularity and good results, and the financial problem should not be serious. Huya Beifeng broke the news: “The boss of RNG has invested money in real estate. In this environment, e-sports will lose their money after a few moments. This will still owe PDD money.”

Beifeng said bluntly: When the whole environment is not good, the boss of RNG still makes money. In this case, he will lose money. The players’ contracts will be greatly reduced. If they do not take over RNG, they will have no money to continue. Investment, the RNG club is about to come to an end!