RNG is riddled with lawsuits, players talk about the top eight results, Wei admits: The S game is very different from MSI

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The exciting S12 event is still in progress. For RNG fans, the last thing they want to see is the quarterfinals. How many times has it been? The RNG in the World Championship is always a little disappointing. Of course, the quarterfinals results, It should be a nightmare around the LPL division. Many teams are tied to the top eight, which is very uncomfortable. Seeing Gala’s expression after the game, it is really helpless. I feel that the future of RNG’s Gala and Wei is still limitless. I just don’t know what choices the two will have in the future. After all, RNG is too difficult now and has a lot of lawsuits.

Netizens who follow RNG’s news also know that the sluggish mood of the top eight on the field has not yet come out. RNG is about to face a lawsuit, and there are two more cases, WBG and PDD’s girlfriends, which should be related to the player’s contract. Disputes, I hope RNG will have a perfect solution in the end, isn’t there still the problem of unpaid wages? very troublesome.

When it comes to the results of the quarter-finals, the RNG players also talked about their own opinions. When the media interviewed Wei, Wei admitted frankly that the S game and MSI are indeed different, and even said that the gap is still quite big. Losing, the quarterfinals, is really unacceptable.

It can be seen that Wei has tears in his eyes. It is estimated that the interviews were all conducted on the day he was eliminated, which is very heartbreaking. In fact, Wei still has strength. After looking at personal choices and opportunities, don’t become the next Mlxg, this It is the best wishes from netizens to Wei.

Not to mention, as the No. 4 seed this time, RNG also tried his best. After all, the new crown for all members at that time, the training game must have a great impact, the body is not feeling well, let alone the game, cough and fever, very uncomfortable Yes, everyone who has played LOL will know, if you have a fever and cough to play the game, you can’t operate it at all.

I still look forward to seeing these five people in the next year. The strength is there, Brother Breath will not be worse than Bin, and it is composed of very mature champions.

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